Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Donna asks…

Where can I find Betsey Johnson Luggage?

HELP!! i have looked and looked and looked and can’t find any anywhere online.Please don’t suggest ebay of craigslist or her personal website because I have already looked.Ive also been to all the T.J. Maxx’s, Marshalls, and Ross‘ in my area with no luck. Any kind of luggage would be great as long as it’s betsey johnson! Please help!

admin answers:

Look at the Betsey Johnson stores and department stores like Dillards, Nordstroms, and Macys.

Sharon asks…

What do you think about Betsey Johnson?

Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer what do you think of her?

admin answers:

I love Betsey Johnson. I fell in love with there clothes while in New York and ever since when the catalog’s come out im like YAY betsey johnson. I love her shoes also. The only drawback is its a bit pricy. But anyway haha just wanted to say i agree with you its adorable!!

Laura asks…

How can you tell a Fake Betsey Johnson?

I bought something off E-bay that claims it’s betsey johnson, but I’m a little uneasy about it… how do I tell if it’s real?

admin answers:

If it’s a Betseyville by. Betsey Johnson bag then most of them have her ‚lip‘ signature with an ‚xox betsey‘ like this one:
But if you’re talking Betsey Johnson Bags then it has this signature:

Thomas asks…

Where can I find the Betsey Johnson WINK tshirt or hoodie?

Where can I find the tshirt that Angela Simmons is wearing (the betsey johnson tshirt with the wink on it)? Its in the episode „Rock in Run’s house“. There is also a Betsey Johnson wink hoodie? Where can I find it online?

not „“ because it isn’t on there. thank you so much !

admin answers:

*I work at a Betsey store and I’m not sure if there are any left in the company. You can try calling your nearest Betsey store. Just ask for the Wink Tee or Hoodie and they can try and track one down for you and then you can have it shipped to you! Also try ebay!

Ruth asks…

Designers like Betsey Johnson and Gwen Stefani?

I’m looking for any designers who have the same edge and quirk that Betsey Johnson’s Betseyville and Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers does. Bright colors, random prints and lots of spunk. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Kimikal couture, hendi, sometimes forever 21

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