Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Thomas asks…

Pokemon Black EV Training help?

Hello, i just bred an adamant ditto with 31 ivs in attack and a normal haxorus for a lv 1 adamant axew with the right amount of ivs in attack to begin training(also holding macho brace with pokerus). soooo i know i should be training against lilpups and patrats, but HOW MANY SHOULD i fight? and where do i stop???
oh and i already have a bunch of protiens etc. When should i use these?

admin answers:

10 protiens will give you 100 EVs in the stat, you then need to fight 152 Patrats. You can shorten this several ways more common way is the Macho brace which will double the amount you get so you only need to kill 76.

William asks…

Pokemon EV training and EXP Share?

If I have a Pokemon with Pokerus and Macho Brace kill, say a Bidoof, would the Pokemon holding Exp. Share get 4 HP points? What if I use two Exp. Shares?

admin answers:

It wouldnt work because the pokemon cvan only hold one item ata time however if bidoof is in ur party and u give it to another pokemon them it would work

John asks…

Pokemon EV Math?

I’ve been reading up on alot of EV training but am still a little bit confused on some parts.

From what I heard, a single stat can be maxed out at 255, and total EV max is 510, right?

So what I am trying to do is get 252 EV in two stats and then the remaing 6 in another.
252 x 2 = 504 + 6 = 510, am I correct so far?

Also, having the Pokerus or Macho Brace doubles the EV you get from defeating pokemon.

What if I defeat a pokemon that gives out 3 EV while holding Macho Brace and Pokerus? Does it work like this-
3 x 2 = 6 x 2 = 12
Three EV doubled by Macho Brace equals 6, doubled by Pokerus equals twelve. So I would be getting 12 EV off one pokemon.

So, my question is, does that mean that I would now only have to defeat 21 pokemon (assuming they give out 3 EV) in order to reach my stat max of 252?

252 / 12 = 21

admin answers:

Yeah, your exactly right. I wish I had the pokerus…I usually spend about 3 hours training each stat with pokemon that give only 1 EV!!! (I don’t have macho, but all of the weights…Meh to lazy)

Well, you can max one stat, but most people do Atk/S.Atk, then something else. I do that then speed. Makes my all my pokemon almost attack first no matter what.


Joseph asks…

Anyone able to trade me active pokerus?

I will trade a level 83 torterra or a macho brace, you choose, for a pokemon with an actively infectious pokerus.

Tell me what you want, your name, and friend code. I am looking for someone to do this as soon as possible. thanks.

Name: Zilo
Friend Code: 1676 1317 0026
thanks ill be right there!

admin answers:

Babsy 0086 9898 2539

Dont know if your still online… Ill be in the room waiting for a few minutes.
I dont need the torterra or macho brace.. Trade me back whatever. I dont care.. Starly bidoof …

Mandy asks…

Pokemon, ev training ganger for Sp def?

i trained him 2 levels one i got + 7 sp def and next i got + 16 sp def, i have pokerus and macho brace
i trained it another level but i only got + 3 and then + 3 again i tried for another 4 levels and still only receiving +3 and 2s idk why i never ev trained it before those levels and its not maxed out D:

Any tips would be appreciated

admin answers:

When you EV train, you need to pay attention to the number of EV points you are earning, not how much the stat goes up. The stat gain is all spread out over the way to level 100, so it may not go up by a lot every single level. Remember, the extra EVs can only give a maximum of 63 extra points in any stat, so unless you’re really close to level 100 those extra points have a lot of room to spread out and might not always be noticeable when you level up.

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