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Mandy asks…

What percentage is needed to pass mvd permit quiz?

In Arizona, what percentage do you need to pass the drivers permit quiz. Or, how many you are allowed to miss? I failed my first time and i really need to know so I know how many to miss. Thanks.

admin answers:

At least an 80% score to pass.

Jenny asks…

What law did england pass in 1650 to control the economy of the 13 colonies?

What law did england pass in 1650 to control the economy of the 13 colonies?

admin answers:

The Navigation Acts

Throughout the colonial period, after the middle of the seventeenth century, the one great source of irritation between the mother country and her colonies was found in the Navigation Acts. The twofold object of these acts was to protect English shipping, and to secure a profit to the home country from the colonies. As early as the reign of Richard II steps had been taken for the protection of shipping, but not before 1651 were there any British statutes that seriously hampered colonial trade. The Long Parliament, in 1642, exempted New England exports and imports from all duties, and a few years later all goods carried to the southern colonies in English vessels were put on the free list.

In 1651, however, while Cromwell was master of England, the first of the famous Navigation Acts was passed. The chief provisions were, that no goods grown or manufactured in Asia, Africa, or America should be transported to England except in English vessels, and that the goods of any European country imported into England must be brought in British vessels, or in vessels of the country producing them. The law was directed against the Dutch maritime trade, which was very great at that time. But it was nowhere strictly enforced, and in New England scarcely at all.


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Thomas asks…

When you pass the learners permit test is the card free in Florida?

I passed all of the required test for my learners permit. Now I need to know because I heard from a friend that when you pass the tests the first time the actual learners permit card is free. Is this true?

admin answers:

The learner’s license card is not free. The card is $48.

The written test is free if you pass on the first attempt (assuming you take it at a local DMV or Tax Collector’s office).

Charles asks…

How to get teammates that only pass to their friends to pass to you?

There are three kids on my team and they are best friends. They always hang out and will never pass to anyone else on the team. They kind of suck and whenever someone is open besides their friends, they try to pass it to their friends and get the ball stolen. Please help me. I think I am better than them but they never budge.

admin answers:

Just approach them and tell them to pass to an open man..but if they still refuse to pass the ball then it’s not your fault at all.

Anyways, next time you play basketball…play against them.

G0t it? Go0d!!!

Sandra asks…

How are boys quicker to pass driving then girls?

I’ve noticed boys pass their driving lessons much quicker than girls- girls take a lot more lessons.

admin answers:

Girls are easier to teach because they listen and will follow instructions whereas most boys think they know everything there is to about driving already and when they do pass their test they usually are appalling bad drivers.

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