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Ruth asks…

Pokemon Black and white trading?

I have many version white exclusives, archens,oshawhatts
And i can infect them with pokerus if you want me too.
Here is what i’m looking for :
and starters

Also if you want a female oshawhott or archen could you plese try to give me a ledgendary or female starter?
emonate do you have a female snivy? i emailed you btw

admin answers:

I have Charmander, squirtle, tododile, turtwig, treecko, chimchar, mudkip, and torchic email me at if interested

James asks…


i want any of these pokemon: deoxys,zapdos,sedinja,arceus,victini. by preference to be at level 50 and shiny. don’t care if they’re hacked.

my friend code: 1850 3222 2842

PS:i don’t have strange or powerfull pokemon but i will trade pokemon with pokerus if you want

admin answers:

No. And I don’t cheat.

Nancy asks…

pokemon black and white tornadus (please answer soon)?

ok so im wondering if anybody is willing to trade me a tornadus (to keep not to get landorus)
im offering the following pokemon
typholsion, lv63, (has pokerus)

(all pokemon will hold a rare candy too)

thanks in advance
if you are interested in more than one of those pokemon i will give up to 3 of them

ingame name: ZACK
friend code: 4169 3944 5884

admin answers:

Well sir, you obviously hacked your stuff with action replay because there is no such thing as a level 18 Darkrai, plus, unless you save up your rare candies, those are probably ARed too. I wish I could help you out here but there is nothing I can do. I could add you just in case I can help you. Email me at with your above friend code and maybe I could help you! Sorry man!

Thomas asks…

Pokemon Black and White ev training with exp share?

ok i was ev training a zoroark so i gave it exp share and had my zekrom kill a bunch of those candle things in celestial tower which gives 1 special attack ev. my zoroark had pokerus. when it was about level 25 ish it leveled up and it said i only got +1 sp attack. i had killed at least 6 candle things in between levels so i should have gotten at least +2 im confused because i had written down that it had only gotten about 110 evs so it wasnt maxed out. does exp share not give evs anymore cause it sure doesnt look like it

admin answers:

In Pokemon black and white, the ev you got will be automatically added up to your stats ! So you don’t need to level it up.. So if you kill 4 lillipups(each gives you 1 ev) without items or pokerus your attack stat will automatically increase to 1 without leveling it up!

Mark asks…

How do you EV train in pokemon black and white?

Alright so i understand the process for the most part. everyone is assigned evs and by killing them u collect the evs. it takes 4 evs to equal 1 stat. so heres wat i do. i breed untill i have the pokemon i want at lvl 1, an aaron for instants. then i give him the power item that gives him 4 extra attack evs for every battle. he also has pokerus. so i fight a butt load of patrats but there seems to be no influence on my attack stat on my lvl ups. they just seem to lvl up normally. am i doing sumthing wrong?

admin answers:

Person above me has wrong information. Rare candies level your Pokemon up without giving it any EVs, hence why they are not recommended for leveling a non-EV trained Pokemon up. Regarding medicine (Protein, Iron, etc.) you can only use a maximum of 10 on a Pokemon, and they must be used when the Pokemon has less than 100 EVs in the specific stat. For instance, if your Pokemon already has 150 Attack EVs and you have not used any Proteins on it previously but plan to use your 10 now, it will not work. The 10 Proteins must be used when the Pokemon has no EVs in the respective stat. So in order to use 10 Proteins on say your Aron, you would have to make sure it has no Attack EVs. If your Aron had 50 Attack EVs, you can thus only use 5 Proteins on it rather than the normal maximum 10 because 10 Proteins would add 100 Attack EVs. That would make your total Attack EVs exceed 100. Medicine will NOT work on a Pokemon with over 100 EVs in the respective stat regardless if you used medicine on it already or not. You will only be able to use Protein on it until it hits 100 total Attack EVs, in which case the game will prevent you from further doing so. This applies to all medicine. Each medicine gives 10 EVs in the respective stat, so multiply by 10 and that’s the 100 EVs.

You are EV training a very low level Pokemon. At low levels, especially in a first stage Pokemon such as an Aron, the difference in the stat you are EV training upon leveling up will be small simply because the Pokemon has low base stats. A Pokemon’s stats increase rather significantly upon evolving because its evolved form(s) have higher base stats. If your Aron was an Aggron, you would notice a bigger increase in its Attack stat from the training due to it’s much larger base stats. Due to this reason, leveling Pokemon up with rare candies (which give no EVs) to a higher level or to the point where it evolves to its highest form is a good idea if you want to notice the difference EVs make. In Pokemon Black and White came a change to when EVs are taken into account also. In the new games EVs change your Pokemon’s stats immediately, rather than before where EVs did nothing until you leveled the Pokemon up. For example, in the days of Pokemon Emerald when you fully EV trained a higher level Pokemon (high enough level that all the EV training did not level it), the next time you leveled it up you would see a huge „+“ on the stat you EV trained. You may of given it max Attack EVs (252 EVs) and then upon leveling up it would display that its Attack increased by +30 or some huge number such as that. But in Pokemon Black and White, this no longer happens as the EVs are added immediately to the Pokemon’s stat when the fight ends. You will not see a huge „+“ when it levels like you did in previous games, but it should be added to the Pokemon’s stat right away. After obtaining 4 Attack EVs, check your Aron’s Attack stat and see if it increased by 1. My suggestion is to level your Aron up with rare candies or if you do not use cheating devices, level it up through fighting other trainers. Then lower all of its EVs to 0 with the berries that do so (the ones that make a Pokemon more friendly but lower one of its stats; it will state that the Pokemon’s base „stat“ cannot go lower when it has no EVs left in it). From there start your EV training and with the Pokemon at a higher level/its final evolution you should notice more difference in it’s stats after you do intensive EV training. This is not required as you can EV any Pokemon at any level, but that method *should* make the stat difference more noticeable. I’m not 100% sure if it follows that anymore though but I imagine it still does. I EV train myself but I always do so at level 50+. You appear to be doing everything correctly, but due to the new game mechanics, you will not notice a difference on the „level-up“ screen but rather the Pokemon’s summary screen where it lists its stats. It does not need to be leveled-up for the EVs to take affect anymore. Good luck on the EV training.

Oh and my apologies if some of the information I typed you already knew.

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