Your Questions About Tournament Brackets

Mary asks…

Where do I find an employee bracket to do a management hierarchy assignment?

I have an assignment to look up a company from CEO down to the first managers. I need a type of bracket with boxes to type the names into that is similar to a sports tournament bracket. Please help me I am so lost at this. The assignment is due next week.

admin answers:

Download the free software to do you org chart here.

Linda asks…

How would you seed a 128 team tournament?

I’m talking like 4 number 1 seeds and 4 number 2 seeds, so forth and so on. So basically I’m asking how it would look on a tournament bracket.

admin answers:


Try that link.

Off the top of my head 128/16 = 8 so it should have 8 sections 4 on the left 4 on the right. Each Section should start with 16 teams playing 8 games

a)16-8-4-2-1 (winner of a plays winner of b)
d)16-8-4-2-1 (winner of c plays winner of d)

e)16-8-4-2-1 (winner of e plays winner of f)
f )16-8-4-2-1
h)16-8-4-2-1 (winner of g plays winner of h)

Then winner of (a-b) plays winner of (c-d) and the winner of (e-f) plays winner of (g-h)
Then winner of (ab-cd) plays winner of (ef-gh) to determine the champion.

I’m assuming you can make a 16 seed bracket with this logic. Start with 16 teams winner moves on so 8 teams, winner moves on so 4 teams, then 2 teams, then 1 winner of the section. There’s gonna be 8 total sections. Do this 4 times on the left and 4 times on the right and then just connect the winners until you get to the championship.

= —____
= —________
= —____
= — ______________
= —____
= —________
= —____
= —

Jenny asks…

How is the bracket announced on selection sunday?

Hi im new to NCAA basketball, and I dont really understand what happens tonight at 6pm when the bracket is announced. Does CBS show each college selected one by one, do they show each region one by one or is the entire NCAA tournament bracket shown at once?

admin answers:

They show each region team by team
then move to anpother region until all 4 are done

Ruth asks…

What does a blank 2011 Men’s Basketball bracket look like?

Have you seen any links to the 2011 March Madness tournament bracket? Before any teams are selected, I’m interested to see how the winners of the „First Four“ round will be seeded in.

admin answers:

We won’t see any brackets until the teams are selected. That won’t happen until the conference tournaments have finished.

George asks…

How to add FCS Teams into my Football bracket?

I am in the middle of making a NCAA football tournament bracket with all 120 teams in it. I was thinking of adding some playin games with FCS schools. Dose any body have an idea of how many teams would be a good idea to use and what format of bracket. Let me know, no correct Idea, just seeing if anyone has a better idea then me.

admin answers:

The first thing you need to do is learn the difference between „real sports“ and „video games“. After you have mastered that it’s really easy. Just ask category appropriate questions and you’ll be ok.

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