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Steven asks…

What channel will the Mubdala Tennis exhibition tournament air on?

I am keenly anticipating the return of Rafael Nadal as I’d like to see what Federer will be up against the first half of next year. He’s said to be coming back in Mubdala. However I have scrolled forward on tv listings for sky sports and no tournament is in the guide. What channel would it be on in case you watched it last year?

admin answers:

ESPN , read the link and thats it 😀

Michael asks…

How can I find out news on the British Senior Amateur Golf tournament?

i have a friend, John Hogden of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, playing in the British SeniorAmateur Golf Tournament this week. I cannot locate a site that posts results so I can see how he is doing.

admin answers:

Use the link below. I hope you find your info!

Mary asks…

How are the leagues in the world linked? Is there a criteria used to determine which league is the best?

How come we say that the Barclays English Premiership is the best league in Europe (and in the world)? What measuring stick are using?

And are we not wrong in so saying, since the most prestigious tournaments in Europe (like the UEFA Champions League) have not been won most by an English team? I think Spanish teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona) have contributed most to European football than English teams.

Does money have anything to do with the whole thing rather than the love of the game?

admin answers:

I think when people talk about best league, usually they mean the best standard of play & quality of players at that point in time.

UEFA does have an official ranking for leagues, which is very complicated. Check out it’s Wikipedia entry.

Chris asks…

How can you add a link in your website to paypal?

I’m trying to create a website where people can place their bets for a tournament and i need to be able to transfer everyones money. How can I do that with paypal and how can i get it on my site?

admin answers:

You need to create a business account with paypal on the last step of the process there is a section to do that. You HAVE TO have a business account the other types of accounts will not work.

Lisa asks…

What is the website for the Issaquah high school May Madness hotness tournament?

I see the articles, but not the link to the actual website.

admin answers:


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