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Donna asks…

Is it just if US to use military force to prevent acquisition of nuclear weapons by nations that pose a threat

basically this is the new resolution for LD debate for January/February. this is also the resolution used for the tournament of champions. i already have somewhat of an idea of what to do.

so anyone have any ideas on it?
my value is national security. need help think of a criterion.

also, what would be some good contentions?
what kind of warrants can i use?
any thoughts on this would be welcome.
wait, but aren’t preemptive wars more often to be justified?

admin answers:

No one is going to invade Iran for now.

If they test a device that would likely see a change in language on a Security Council resolution including the phrase „serious consequence“. I would suspect Russia and China would support that as they do not want those SOB’s to have nukes either. They are potential targets just like everyone else.

Should Iran be foolish enough to pull a stunt with their Navy in international waters then retaliatory strikes are perfectly OK. As they have not pulled out of the non Proliferation Treaty they have legal obligations to uphold. We all know what eventually happened to Saddam for ignoring the UN.

For now they will strut their stuff and talk big, just like Baghdad Bob.

Debate away. Once the phrase „serious consequence“ is used the boxing gloves are on.

Mark asks…

How do you break in a catchers glove if you can’t bake it and you have already put it under your mattress?

I need answers quick because I have TOC’s (Tournament of Champions) coming and I need help‘ so please answer.
I“ve been playing catch with it, but it’s not working.

admin answers:

I find the best way to break in a mitt is to use it. I’ve been a catcher for 10 years and I play for my college, when I get a new mitt, I just catch as many bullpens as possible and that usually helps. Once the mitt is broken in the way I like it, I only use it in games, and use my old one for bullpens, just because catching bullpens takes such a toll on your mitt. You can try using shaving cream or petroleum jelly to soften the leather before using it, but the most effective way to create a nice pocket in your mitt is to use it.

John asks…

11.A total of 129 players entered a single-elimination andball tourname?

11.A total of 129 players entered a single-elimination handball tournament. In the first round of play, the top-seeded player received a bye and the remaining 128 players played in 64 matches. Thus,65 players entered the second round of play. How many matches must be played to
65 players entered the second round of play. How many matches must be played to determine the tournament champion?

admin answers:

Well 64 have already been played. Then, 1 other player will get a bye and 32 more games will be played. Then 1 bye and 16 games, 1 bye and 8 games , 1 bye and 4 games, 1 bye and and 2 games, 1 bye and 1 game, then the final.

So…. Its 64+32+16+8+4+2+1+1=128

Hope that helps =]

Maria asks…

how windy does it have to be before they stop a golf tournament?

the hyundai tournament of champions starts tomorrow in hawaii. i just looked at the weather and looks like the wind could be 25-30mph with gusts of 40mph. i don’t imagine you could play golf in those conditions…?

admin answers:

Well I remember that in the British Open the winds were 35mph and they kept playing with some rain so I think it has to be a typhoon before they stop it. Heavy rains will do it as well as lightning

Sandra asks…

How do they determine the 1st day tee times for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions?

The first groups were severely penalized by the weather yesterday. I am curious as to how they determined the tee times. Is it based on the order of the win in the previous season, money list, number of tournaments won….?

admin answers:

Jimmy, it seems to be a lottery drawn method for not all the champions are the same in qualifications or amount of wins. I suppose they let the golfers pick a time slip from a hat and the ones that get the same time are the tee off partners.

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