Your Questions About Does Any Phone Works On Virgin Mobile

David asks…

Can an unlocked sprint phone work on virgin mobile?

I have unlocked my sprint samsung intercept. Sprints bills are crap. i then learned that virgin mobile hasa samsung intercept phone and that virgin mobile is off of the sprint network system(and owned by sprin) will i be able to used the unlocked phone on virgin mobile?

admin answers:

If the phone is truly unlocked it will work with any service provider. So yes it will.

Susan asks…

Does anyone have an old Virgin Mobile phone they want to get rid of?

I’m looking for a Virgin Mobile phone that will work in the United States that someone wants to give away. I’ll pay for shipping.

admin answers:

Virgin mobile phones are so cheap, go to their website. They sell for a little as 15.00 dollars us.

George asks…

How does a wild card cell phone work from virgin mobile?

I have a wild card from the virgin mobile people and it says you have to top up for just about everything! can anyone tell me what that means it says you have to top up to text,call,ringback tones which i dont get cause i bought minutes for it but it tells me to top up? plz help!

admin answers:

The best thing to do is to call Virgin Mobile, but did you put money in your account before trying to do stuff?

Also, if you bought a messaging pack, then your money will be gone. It’ll also be gone if you bought minutes to talk.On the phone, there’s a money sign ($) on the up button, click it and it’ll tell you how much money is in your account.

Helen asks…

Can I buy an Unlocked phone and use it with Virgin Mobile?

I am thinking of buying a new phone and unlocking it so it would work with virgin mobile? But is that possible because some people say its not possible and it can only work with virgin mobile’s own phones.

admin answers:

No the unlocked phone will not work because when you try to activate it the they will not allow you to.

Mandy asks…

How to flash a sprint iPhone 4s to virgin mobile?

I need a step by step on how to „flash“ this phone from sprint to virgin mobile. It is an iPhone 4s that I bought from somebody who previously used it on sprint and I am trying to get it to work on virgin mobile. I’m very new to this and I need a lot of help.

admin answers:

You can’t. You have to buy it directly from virgin mobile

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