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Carol asks…

Has anyone ever purchased tickets for the US Open Tennis Tournament in Flushing, NY?

I am thinking about planning a trip this year and would like to know a few things. First, what would be the best way to buy tickets? Are there certain packages that are the best deals and allow you to see the best tennis? Are there certain hotels you would recommend or that are close by the USTA National Tennis Center grounds? There are so many other questions I would like answered about this whole experience that I can’t fit on here. If you have been to the tournament before and have experience in doing this, please email me. I am a huge tennis fan and would love to go on vacation and see one of the best pro tennis tournaments out there, especially never having seen a live professional tennis match in person before. Please help me with this if you can.

admin answers:

I live in NY so I can not really answer the Hotel question, but you should take the train from Penn Station to get there instead of renting a car this year due to the fact that they are building a new Shea Stadium and it is going to take away from the parking that is already tough to deal with when the Mets play at home. I would go the first week rather then the second. Day sessions you do not have to get tickets in advance they sell grounds passes that allow you to get in and walk around and sit on the outer courts the day of and they never run out. You will not be able to get into Arthut Ashe with them , but that is really OK because it is always the top seeds playing qualifiers and such and the better matches are on the outside courts. Court 16 is where you really want to pitch your tent for the day , It has the most competitive matches first week. The Night sessions are a different story , You have to go it is a must. That is when the Open really rocks and you will get a high seed vs a top male player isially the best match of the day , the first match is usually a Serena or a Sharapova type vs some unknown women and the match is over in an hour, saving time for the 5 set epic mens matches . Worst case scenario at night on the Mens side if there is not a guy who has recently fallen out of the top 32 seeds vs a top seed you will get Roddick or Blake and the place is electric. You should check the USTA website now to see when the tickets for the Open go on sale and it is one of those scenarios where you end up trying to work through ticket master to get seats , so you have to call early and often to get seats. If you fail then you go through ticket master and they sell out , Stub Hub or Ebay has a ton of them to get , you will pay a premimium , but the night is well worth it. You will most likely get seats high up, but as it gets late they let the people from the upperdeck move down low, one of the decent things the USTA does for fans. As far as food goes it is terrible and expensive , you should brown bag it and definatly bring bottled water on your own instead of paying 12 dollars for a tiny bottle. Between the day and night sessions there are some amazing Italian and Chinese restaurants close by that you can eat at , Zaggot has them listed , but any questions on that you can email me or IM me and I will give you the names. You have to wear layers of clothes , it can start out cold and get hot then cold , seems insignificant , but important trust me. You need good sun glasses because at some point during the day you are blinded with the sun just hammering your face, I recommend a baseball hat also. Now I spoke earlier about the grounds passes , if you want to get into Ashe or Louie Armstrong do the same thing go through ticket master the day they go on sale. There is not a more corrupt sporting event in the world when it comes to ushers moving you to better seats for about 25 dollats a person. I recommend doing this in the Stadiums to get downstairs . There is a huge difference more then any other stadium ever built as far as being able to watch . You may get moved around a few times by the Ushers if the actual ticket holders show up, bit nothing to be embarsed about , it is understood among the NY crowd. Athough the Ushers are pretty savy and know which seats are not being used, This is where you should spend your money instead of the 8 dollar hot dog and 12 dollar beer. Buy your T shirts and other items inside the grounds and not on the boardwalk. You wll pay more , but each company ,Nike , Fila etc makes great T shirts and unlike the knock offs outside the grounds they do not shrink 5 sizes after going through the dryer once. As I said before the night session is really the highlight and even though you should hit a few day sessions spend one or two days doing stuff in the city and head out to Flushing or now Billie Jean King Stadium at night. If you are planning on just 3 or four days I recommend days, Wed , Thursday , Friday the first week. I have gone every year since I was 10 and now take the week off from work to go to week one, so any specific questions I would be very glad to help you out on again my email is listed and I am on IM , right the next few weeks are a good time to contact me , because I have just had surgery and am supposed to stay off my foot , but you no how that goes. I will ask my friends about Hotels if you would like and can give you a million great things to do in the city while you are there, A little off topic , but since you are going to be in NY this year you should hit Yankee Stadium and see a game before the new one opens in two years , it is a classic park and if you want to go to shea you just walk across the bridge. Be careful of scalping on the boardwalk , 5 years ago it was all good , but with the computer technology now the fakes look real. If you do end up scalping the code is „looking for seats“ the police do not bother you. Have a seating chart of the stadium and do not pay moye then face value. It is the greatest of all the majors and you will spend some money, but it is an unreal tennis experince. Last year at night with Agassi was Majestic. The Baghdatis match was one of the greatest sporting events I have ever seen, being 36 and a huge sports nut and being at game sevens for the Rangers , Mets and Yanks when they have won it all I put i t right up there, You get Blake at night against a tough opponent and the place will rock , same with Roddick and even the Williams sisters draw a lot of emotions. Federer does not like to play at night and they cater to him a bit so if you want to see him that is a day session ticket and he is the greatest ever so it is worth it, the one down side of the grounds passes it does not give you a seat in Ashe Stadium, again though you can bribe your way in. Do not let your wife hold the credit cards or you could get in trouble and broke by the end of your first day(joke) Again anything specific fire away and I am sure I will be able to help on the more specifics. I envy you for going for the first time, you will never forget it. Onve you go you woll make an anual trip out if it , and New York City is the greatest city in the world and since Giuliani and now Bloomberg it is clean and safe.

George asks…

Is it legal to have a league where you must pay to play in a tournament for online gaming(Halo 3, for instance?

Is it legal to have a league where you must pay to play in a tournament for online gaming(Halo 3, for instance)

But, the winner of the tournament gets a prize or wins money?

admin answers:

Yes it’s called Major LEAGUE Gaming lol and other ones such as King of the Couch. You probably have to have some sort of license or something so they know you’ll pay taxes and stuff..

Donna asks…

How did the king of the ring work?

Was it like a tournament where the two finalists faced off at a ppv? Also, what kind of rank did the contestants have? Was the tournament for midcarders/uppermidcarders or for everyone.

admin answers:

The King of the Ring was an event in which typically sixteen wrestlers wrestled in a one-on-one single elimination bracket. When a wrestler wins a match in the bracket, they advance to take on another wrestler that has also won. The final few matches would then take place at that year’s King of the Ring event. The winner of the final match is officially crowned the King of the Ring. There were also other matches that took place at the King of the Ring event since it was a traditional three hour pay-per-view.

Thomas asks…

Why was 2008 King of the Ring William Regal not given the opportunity to defend his crown?

Regal should have gotten a free pass to the quarterfinals as the reigning King of the Ring, but instead, he wasn’t even included in a qualifying match, nor mentioned, to my knowledge, at all as the current reigning King of the Ring.

admin answers:

Unfortunately he had to pull out of the tournament, it interfered with his tea and crumpets. You don’t f*ck with a brits tea time.

Lisa asks…

What three shows would you recommend at Las Vegas?

What three shows would you recommend at Las Vegas?

I have seen Lance Burton (hated it), Tournaments of the kings (loved it), and The Rat Pack is Back (liked it).

Don’t want to spend more than $150 a show. Money is not an option to a point.


admin answers:

You are staying at the Rio so take in Penn and Teller. Their show is great. You won’t have a problem with the prices at any show. They are all priced well below that amount for starting prices.Blueman Group is popular and a great late night show is George Wallace at the Flamingo.

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