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Sandra asks…

How can I stop my town from banning pitbulls?

I live in a small town in GA that wants to ban pitbulls before they bite someone. We have not had a dog of any kind to bite anyone yet although there have been cases that dogs have broken loose and ended up in other people’s yards. Is that cause enough to ban the breed? I have 3 puppies and I do not want to get rid of them.

admin answers:

What you need to do is gather all the RESPONSIBLE pit owners that you can and attend the town hall meetings, they will not just pass the law without having town meetings first…Call your state representatives and county reps as well as city reps and see what their stance is on the proposal…its not an easy task but if the RESPONSIBLE pit owners ban together, maybe a compromise can be made rather than just a total ban.

Charles asks…

Is the „bullying“ movement trying to bully legislators into passing laws that lawyers will love?

You have to be a bully to get a bully law passed. People really shouldn;t intimidate other people. Liberals love to pass laws so their lawyers can sue businesses for ADA, CEC, and all sorts of infracts that are impossible to know all of them, Bullying will be another lawyer fest!

admin answers:

I dont know, Im too busy trying to get laws passed that ban pitbulls to worry about the other laws right now.

Lisa asks…

How many of you think that pitbulls are bad dogs?

Almost everyone i know think that all pitbulls are vicious, mean, and blood-thirsty. I use to have a pitbull named Chester. He was super friendly, and loved other people and dogs. Never did anything wrong. He wouldn’t even bark. But unfortunately for him, a new law was passed that in our county, Pitbulls were illegal, so one day, animal control knocked on my door, took Chester, and put him to sleep… Do YOU think that pitbulls are bad?

admin answers:

It is mostly the owners who are bad … Very few pitbulls in our society now can be trusted due to bad breeding combined with the idiots who want a tough dog but have no idea how to train or control one … Those are the idiots the people opposed to bsl should focus there energy on because those are the ones contributing significantly to bsl (which i support) …

Joseph asks…

How can I stop my boxer/pitbull mix from being obsessed with lights and shadows?

He’ll jump up from a relaxed state at the smallest movement of lights or shadows on the wall or floor. He can’t even enjoy a car ride because he’s fixated on reflections and passing lights. Please tell me it’s not permanent!

admin answers:

Has anybody ever used a flashlight or light pointer, while playing with him? If so STOP, I made the mistake of doing that with my dog, and he does the same thing your dog does. I just simply stopped – and hope he gets out of chasing lights. He has calmed down on it lately though….Good luck with yours.

Lizzie asks…

How can I get my puppy to drink water instead of puppy milk?

My pitbull puppy is 7 weeks and I can’t get him to drink water. I feed him his puppy chow and give him some water and he wont touch it. Now if I put puppy milk instead; he will drink it up. How can I get him to drink the water instead?

admin answers:

I’d say your best bet is to do it very gradually:

Start with the full milk, then every day add a little water. As every day passes use more and more water and less and less milk. He will still be getting the milk flavour, which he obviously loves, but will slowly be weaned off it (as well as getting the fluids he needs).

And then, one day, voila! He will be drinking only water and won’t have noticed the gradual changes.

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