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Betty asks…

What power supply unit should i get for my PC?

Hey, I need a new PSU for my computer (because of this;_ylt=At5reBRlomUoCarb0IOO_u_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120516122254AAYgdHL ). What one should I get? I’d like more than the 250w it has now, but I have no idea what ones will be compatible. It’s an eMachines ET1831-03. Thanks.

admin answers:

Well, I found a youtube that I believe may be talking about your particular power supply. It’s about the right date (2 years ago) and the right wattage. He’s definitely talking about eMachines devices. And you could compare your labels, since he does show it (eventually when the camera finally gets focus.) That video tells a sad story about the supplies from Bestec. They definitely need to be replaced.

Anyway, it’s an ATX power supply if it’s the right one. So you’d need to look for an ATX form factor. The main thing to look at are the motherboard connectors that come out of it. Whatever you buy should match up. Look at your power supply, work out the brand name of it and the model number and post it. If it has the letters „ATX“ somewhere on it, then that is the type and that’s what you need to look for when buying.

If there is any nearby computer repair/sales store, go in and show them what you have and ask what they have to replace it with. (They may even have an older one they pulled sitting on a shelf they might let you have.) But at least they can tell you what to watch out for, when buying, and show you right there, too. So you learn from that and then can go to the web to continue searching, but now more informed than before.

Then start with egghead, looking for supplies, and check out any reviews you can find on the web before buying. Or see if there is a PC recycling center near you — they will often just give you a power supply from junk. (I’ve got one near here that does that.)

Joseph asks…

My computer lost power and now it won’t turn on, can I restore my computer?

I had a power outage last night this morning power is restored however my computer will not turn on. There is a green light in the back of the computer that is fading in and out. is there anything I can do to save my computer and more importantly can I ge the files off that computer. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. If it makes any difference my computer is an hp pavilion a350n desktop.

admin answers:

That cheap Bestec power supply that HP puts in their Desktops has died. Once you replace it, the computer will operate normally again. The „flashing“ light on the PSU is an indication of that.

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Maria asks…

What should I be upgrading on my current pc for gaming?

I have a Compaq 5205Y all the specs can be located here:

I will write them here in case you don’t want head to the website
AMD Sempron LE-1300 2.30Ghz
3.00 GB Of Ram
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
The power supply I have right now is a Bestec 250W I’m upgrading to a CoolerMaster 600W Power Supply sense I need it to run newer hardware.
The Motherboard is a Pegatron Narra5 it has one PCIe x 16 for a GPU
The graphics are integrated it’s a nVidia GeForce 6150SE

I want to know what should I be putting into this pc to allow me to play games like battlefield 3, Crysis and such modern games though I’m on a tight budget right now I’m really looking for hardware that pretty much is bang for your buck.

admin answers:

It’s probably best to ditch that computer completely.

While the graphics card is the most important component for gaming, to play today’s mainstream (not even high-end) titles you need at decent dual-core CPU at minimum. The Sempron LE-1300 is FAR below that level, it’s completely useless for gaming. So you need a CPU upgrade too.

With an old socket AM2+ motherboard and DDR2 memory you don’t have any upgrade options available which are really suitable for games like Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Far Cry 3 etc. You could upgrade it enough to handle titles like Call of Duty, WoW, Rift etc (although that wouldn’t happen on a very low budget). However, the latest cutting-edge games simply require more powerful modern processors in addition to a strong graphics card.

Your motherboard is restricted to CPUs with a maximum TDP of 95 watts, so you CANNOT use the Phenom II X4 965, that’s a 125 watt CPU.


Since most Phenom II processors are discontinued, you’d be looking for a used/secondhand CPU on Ebay. This would be an affordable upgrade:

While this would be better, enough to play BF3 on high settings:

But you’d still be stuck with DDR2 RAM, and you might need some BIOS updates to recognize those processors. It’s not clear what version of PCI-E x16 your motherboard slot supports.. If you’ve got a 2.0 slot then midrange cards would work fine, but a 1.0 slot would be a bottleneck to anything good enough to play BF3 on settings higher than medium.

So it’s really time to start fresh. Maybe sell that computer and put the money towards a new socket AM3+ build with an FX-4300 or FX-6300.

Chris asks…

what power supply comes standerd in the emachines T6534?

I’m getting a new video card and i need to know the power my machine has, the card i want requires 350w, does the T6534 have enough power?

admin answers:

Not gonna do it, short 50

Mary asks…

I would like to upgrade my psu and graphic card for a total budget of 8000 rupees?

Specs. Dell Inspiron 580 ,intel i5 750,bestec 300w,nvidia GeForce 310 (default),4gb ddr3 ram,500 gb hdd.please need help

admin answers:

Get this parts.

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7750 for Rs.6300.
Corsiar CX430V2 430 watts for Rs.2300.

Total-Rs.8600.bit over your budget but worth it.actually you can run Radeon HD 7750 without the power supply upgrade as it has low power consumption(about 55 watts under load) and can run fine with your current power supply.still it is a good idea to have quality power supply for any dedicated graphics card.

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