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Susan asks…

Can I use Tomb Kings Skeleton Warriors for a Vampire Counts army in the Warhammer Fantasy game?

Both have skeleton warriors in the army books, but I was wondering if it is against the rules to use the Tomb Kings skeletons in the Vampire counts army? I’m asking because the Tomb Kings skeleton warriors are cheaper than the Vampire Counts ones.

admin answers:

Some tournaments may have a slight issue with it. I would recommend doing some minor change to the models so they appear as a conversion. One popular VC conversion is buying a box of Bretonnia Knights and using skulls for heads instead of the helmets. It’s WAY WAY WAY cheaper than buy those darn metal models

Jenny asks…

What are some good dinner shows at Las Vegas?

I went to the Rat Pack is Back and the Tournament of the Kings and enjoyed both.

What other dinner shows are good at Vegas?

Don’t like magic shows!!

admin answers:

I also loved Tournament of Kings, the food was great as well as the show.

Go here and sign up for this website for deep discounts to Las Vegas shows. They have discounts such as Penn & Teller for $53 which is normally $85.

Right now they also have Tony n‘ Tina’s Wedding Dinner Comedy for $54.85- $80.25. The regular price for these is $89.99- $140.80 It is supposed to have a lot of audience participation and be very entertaining.

Another one on there is Soprano’s Last Supper. Not all tickets come with dinner, but you can purchase a special VIP ticket that includes dinner with the cast. The regular price for just the show is $64.50 and the VIP (dinner + show) ticket is normally $86.50. On the website above they have them for $34.25 for the show or $56.25 for VIP.

I also always wanted to see American Superstars at the Stratosphere. I’m not sure why, but they have a dinner option with the show. On the stratosphere website they offer the show, dinner, and a tower pass for $51.95. This includes a buffet and 2 drinks. But I know you can find a lot of discounts for this in the Las Vegas Magazines when you get there.

Here they also have a buy 1 get one free promotion, but I’m not sure if that could include the dinner option.

I hope this helps!

Mark asks…

My abasketball team is is a tournament and we need quick and fun things to do in Cincinnati for 5-10 people?

This is for Highschool age group. AND CHEAP ( if possible). Cause tournaments are not cheap , but we have to get out ot the gym some time or later!

admin answers:

Well, you do not mention what time of the year you will be here or what part of town you are going to be staying, but here are some gernal suggestions: If it is going to be afte the first part of April you can check for some cheap tickets for a Reds game. Also, the Reds Hall of Fame is located next door to the stadium and is well worth checking out. If you are going to be close to the downtown, NKY area you can go to Newport on The Levee. The Levee has an aquarium, lots of resturants, some shopping, terrific views of the city, an AMC theatre, and best of all a Gameworks. If you are going to be further north of the city then I would recommend Dave & Busters in the Sharonville/TriCounty area. It is much larger then Gameworks and has more to do there, and better prizes!

Also, you can look into getting discount tickets to the zoo (look at AAA). Cincinnati has one of the top-ranked zoos in the country. Kings Island opens up toward the end of April, but is far from cheap. However, if you are interested and that fits your time line look at AAA for discount coupns for there as well. The Freedom Center and Museum Center are two other recommendations to try and you should be able to get discount tickets for these as well.If it is warm enough and after Memorial Day, you can look into several of the pools and water parks round the area. There are two indoor water parks in the a rea (Great Wolf Lodge by Kings ISland and Co-Co Key Park in the Sherton Hotel North). Look online for discount coupons.

Make sure that you find time to fit in Cincinnati’s famous chili (I like Skyline), Larosas’s pizza and Graeters Ice Cream. All of these Cincy cuisine specialities are perfect for a high school kids budget!

Good Luck, hopefully this helps out! Have fun no matte what you do.

Mandy asks…

what cards i need to make a good red eyes deck for tournament?

I would like to make a red eye deck that include king dragun, 5 headed dragon, horus? armed dragon(mayb dark)? but more focus on red eyes with it’s support cards such as infernal fire blast
ok i decide to make hopeless dragon deck what are the exact cards i need? how much is it? how does it stand against blackwing and six sam?

admin answers:

Hopeless is pretty expensive… I wont lie I have a Blackwing deck and I do deciently well against the Hopeless build, It could be just luck though. If you like red eyes look into making a zombie deck with red eyes zombie draon… If you play a field spell card you make all monsters on the field and grave yard a zombie, and when you kill a zombie your opponent controlls with red eyes you can special summon a zombie out of either plays grave…. And with the field card, they are all zombies.

Thomas asks…

What are the traits that compose a great and mighty king?

What traits would a man have to posses in order to qualify him to be a True King for his people and elected by his people to rule as King? After all, all kings came from somewhere and no king or even line of royalty has ALWAYS been so.

admin answers:

When you look at history with an open mind, the facts may surprise you.
Ordinarily, people perceive royalty as people with elevated sensibilities and beneficence.

Monarchs today perform diplomatic functions, charitable acts, public relations duties act as elegant figureheads and national ambassadors.

But, they inherited these positions from men who were the most brutal, aggressive warriors of their times. So, a great and mighty king was one who aggressively held his thanes to his command with taxes to support armies that attacked neighboring fiefdoms or defended against incursions by nearby tribes, clans and nations.

The good kings.did not overtax the serfs and left them enough to live on, allowed the peasants to attend the jousts (military tournaments) and to sell their wares to the „royal‘ visitors so they could survive.

My definition of a great and mighty king, would be one who graciously received foreign dignitaries, provided continuity to the legislators, guarded the national treasures while sharing them with the public as parks or displaying them to public view (art, architecture), protected the environment, lived within the funds that they had available and used extra funds to support those in the nation who needed that support.

It is a great truth that those who do not learn from the past are condemned to relive it.

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