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Betty asks…

What’s the all time most bestest piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

BQ: What’s the all time most bestest piece of advice you’ve ever given?

admin answers:

Don’t worry about what others think of you, because they are most likely not thinking about you in the first place.

BQ: Fake it until you make it

Sharon asks…

When a guy refers a girl as his bestest buddy?

This guy i like said on fb he was going to have brunch w/ his bestest buddy….refering to some girl he knows from his fb page and had gone out partying with the previous night.

admin answers:

It sounds like that girl could just be a close friend, but not necessarily a love interest

Joseph asks…

Does anybody have any good adjectives for a good artist and friend?

I need a few adjectives to describe my best friend…She’s an awesome artist and the bestest friend ever. Lol. Please Help! By the way, one of her drawings is my picture.

admin answers:

Call her your charismatic and demiurgic bestest buddy 🙂

Ruth asks…

What’s the bestest way to show my abs?

ive been working out for quite a while now and only when i flex you can see my abs but i want them to show without me flexing dose this mean i need to lose body fat?

what is the bestest way to lose body fat and can it show your abs even more if you lose it?

admin answers:

Hi Louis,

Yes, you need to take a look at what you eat. Try to eat healthy non fat/less sugar food and do cardio training if you are not already doing this.

I can highly recommend rope skipping, that will help you burn the fat quickly!

Happy training!

Charles asks…

What do i do if my friend is goin out with the boy i like?

My bestest friend ever is goin out with this boy i really really like what do i do?

admin answers:

Uh Oh. Ive been in this situation before. And its a sucky one. Well, 1st, tell her how you feel. Here’s a good example: (lets just call her brittany) „Brittany, look. You may get mad at me for this, but its really hard to keep my feelings bottled up like this. And if you get mad, your not a very good friend. (lets call the boy steve) I really like Steve even though your going out with him. I do not expect you to break up with him or apologize, i just wanted to get that off my chest. Its been bugging me for the longest time, and i just wanted you to know that.“ but thats just an example. But im sorry it prolly hurts you that it went down like this. Or maybe talk to the boy and tell him you really like him and you just had to ge tthat off ur chest, but however you do it, best of luck!

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