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Laura asks…

What is a shotgun golf tournament? And do I get to play all 18 holes of the course?

I’m going to be playing in a shotgun golf tournament for my rugby club to raise money for it to get a new field. it’s a shotgun golf tournament and I dont know what that means or if I play all the holes?

admin answers:

A shotgun tournament is where every group starts on a hole on the course. Once the horn sounds to start play, you play all 18 holes assuming it’s a 18 hole tournament. Say you start on hole 12, you will play until hole 11 which would be your last hole. Hope this helps.

Linda asks…

How do you know when matches at a tennis tournament start if you are already sitting in a different court?

Without the benefit of something like an iphone, is there anyway to know when other matches are starting while you are at a tennis tournament? For instance, if you are at Center Court watching a match, but another match you want to see starts in Court 1 halfway through, is there anyway to know that? Thank you!

admin answers:

The answer to your question is yes,you can find out. If it is a more major tournament,there are usually large LCD screens projecting all the courts,saying who is playing on what court,and also stating the current condition of the match,such as:in progress,3rd set…etc.

Maria asks…

How do you handle pressure in a pool tournament when your down to the last shot and dont want to choke?

Consider this sinerio. You just be all these world beater in this pool tournament. Your down to your last shot to win the tournament. Its a long shot and the cue ball is against the rail. Now the pool table looks so large and the balls look so small. You know that if you miss he wont. You real cant play defence. So its now or never. The pressure is on. You dont want to choke. What goes through your mind.

admin answers:

Best thing is the boy scout motto. Be prepared. Prepare yourself mentally before hand and it will be much easier for you.

Make it a habit, during your warmup before tournament, league or that „friendly“ match, that the last thing you do before starting play is hit a dozen or so „money“ balls in the pocket. Pick some simple straight shots combined with some harder shots (not so hard they might be outside your skill set). The purpose of this is to give you the confidence of seeing that 9 (or 8) fall in the pocket in a variety of situations.

And the next time you have that knot in the pit of your stomach and can’t breath, and your ears are pounding; just think that you just sank this shot minutes ago…this same nine and how beautiful it was seeing it fall in.

Good luck

Steven asks…

How much does a men’s basketball program receive (money) for winning the NCAA Division I tournament?

If CBS spends over 8 billion to televise the tournament (or whatever it is), how much money does the winning team see? In other words, how much goes to their athletic department?

admin answers:

The tournament money is $100,000US that goes to the athletics department of the school .,

Susan asks…

What would happen to a person who was selected as a Triwizard Tournament Champion but refused to participate?

In the Harry Potter series, it is said that a person enters into a „contract“ and „has to“ take part in the tournament if selected, but what would really happen if they refused to do it and the person, say, just slept in and didn’t show up or did not go to the tournament? Would he/she die or what would happen?
I meant they chose not to participate and purposely just slept instead of going or hid out somewhere, not accidentally missed it.
For example, Harry didn’t want to participate because someone else entered his name.

admin answers:

Well for one you must participate in the triwizard tournament if u put ure name into the goblet of fire if u for some reason don’t think you can participate then u shouldn’t put ure name in the goblet of fire if u sleep in you will be forced to participate if they didn’t show up then they would be either eliminated or if the challenge is still on they will be forced to participate.

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