Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

James asks…

how do i get my att phone unlocked?

I have tmobile service/phone and i bought a lg shine (which is from at&t) from one of my friends, but when i put my sim card in there, it said invalid smartchip…does this mean that the phone is locked? can i get this phone unlocked? where can i take the phone to get it to work with my sim card?

admin answers:

Have your friend call ATT and say hes going out of the country and he needs it to work. Otherwise you got ripped off.

Ruth asks…

If you update a debranded and unlocked phone will it put the sim lock back on and re brand the phone?

I bought a nokia 6500 slide on orange, last month, i left orange after 4 years and went to o2. I got the phone unlocked and debranded so when i turn it on it has no orange screens or any orange menus. So if i use the nokia update software, will it rebrand and lock the phone again? or will it just take it as a normal nokia? or will it brick the phone?


admin answers:

If its debranded, it will be detected as a generic model, so when updating, Nokia wont detect the network but simply updates the firmware to Nokia.

Nancy asks…

What happens if you unlock a phone on a contract?

I have a t-mobile flexpay plan….I want to have my phone unlocked, but will I still be able to use it with my T-mobile service?

admin answers:

Of course

Donald asks…

How can I upgrade the firmware on an unlocked iPhone 3GS?

I have an unlocked iPhone 3GS that I am currently running on TMobile service. It is running the 3.0 firmware and I would like to upgrade it to at least 3.1.2 in order to run certain apps. I bought the phone unlocked and am unfamiliar with the process. Is there any tutorial available that can explain what I need to do to upgrade?

admin answers:

To unlock the iphone 3.1.2 There are many guides explaining the procedure

Daniel asks…

What is the difference between normal mobile phone and unlocked mobile phone?

What is the difference between normal mobile phone and unlocked mobile phone? If I buy a new android mobile then do I need to unlock that phone first?

admin answers:

The unlocked one would be able to be used on any GSM carrier in the world. The locked one would be limited to 1.

Up to you if you need an unlocked phone or not. If you tend to travel or switch carriers often, then you should. Otherwise, no.

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