Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

Jenny asks…

How to give a pokemon pokerus if you already have one?

I have a Grovyle with Pokerus and I want to give pokerus to my Lv 1 Nidoran and I heal them together at the Pokemon center but it doesn’t work how can I do this?

admin answers:

Just go battle any pokemon and pokerus should spread to the pokemon around them after a few battles.

Mandy asks…

How do you infect other pokemon with Pokerus?

Today, my Eevee caught Pokerus and the Pokemon in the party at the time caught it aswell, but somehow I can’t get my other 3 Pokemon that were in my PC at the time. So my question is: How so I spread Pokerus to my other Pokemon?

What is a sure fire way to spread Pokerus to uninfected Pokemon?

admin answers:

You’re pokemon may have already had it too long to spread it. Check this article out.

Thomas asks…

How can I get rid of the Pokèrus virus in black 2?

I recently went to the pokemon centre and Nurse joy told me my pokemon had the pokerus virus. I’ve tried using full heals and full restored Nothing works. what can I do? Please help, I don’t want my pokemon to have a virus.

admin answers:

Pokerus is said to be a virus by nurse joy but in reality it is something that allows you to develop EV points faster. EV points are what your pokemon gets when fighting and defeating an enemy, such as a point, two or three in physical attack, special attack, special defense, defense, and speed. Pokerus doubles the EV points you receive when defeating said monster. This allows your pokemon’s stats to increase by a greater amount upon leveling up.

Edit: It will spread to all of the pokemon in your current party and will go away after a certain number of hours whilst in your party, but putting a pokemon with pokerus in your PC will preserve the „virus.“

Donald asks…

Can you get Pokerus in Firered or Leafgreen?

What I mean by „getting Pokerus“ is obtaining it from a wild pokemon and not by trading. I keep seeing contradicting information on other websites. Some websites say that you cannot get pokerus from a wild pokemon in Firered or Leafgreen, and that you can only get it by trading a pokemon with pokerus from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. Other websites say that you can get it from a wild pokemon in Firered or Leafgreen, but that it cannot spread pokerus to other pokemon because there is no game clock for Firered or Leafgreen. Any information will help, thanks.

admin answers:

You can get Pokerus in any [main] Pokemon game, (such as FireRed and LeafGreen.) However, it’s a VERY rare encounter, (there’s only a 3/65,536 chance of encountering a wild Pokemon with Pokerus.)

Charles asks…

Can somone trade me pokemon infected with pokerus to my soul silver?

I just started playing pokemon again, can somone send me a pokemon with pokerus so i can spread it around my team?

cheers for the help
note: I don’t have an action replay

admin answers:

My Friend:

There is no need for trading a pokemon with the pokerus. If you are seeking the AR Code for the pokerus, I have found it for you. Please know that the pokerus does not last forever. It last for about a week or week and a half. Here is the code for the Pokerus:

Pokerus Code:

1206f04a 00002001
1206f04e 000076b0

I have tried the code for myself and can confirm that it does work. I am, however, unsure that it will work on foreign games and DSs.

I hope the code works for you so that you may continue well on your pokeventures. Good luck and I hope the pokerus is successful.

~The Fox

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