Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Carol asks…

can i get a prepaid phone unlocked for another company?

ok this may sound stupid but i know nothing about phones. So im thinking of buying a phone off a used site, that is prepaid for Rogers, but i want a plan with FIDO. Could I get the phone unlocked even tho it is prepaid?

admin answers:

Yes you can but be aware that there are often charges for unlocking the phone, before you buy the phone check with the company it is locked to and ask for the cost of unlocking it.

Charles asks…

How Long does it take to unlock a phone?

I am getting my phone unlocked by o2.And I was just wondering how long roughly does it take to email me the code.Could it be arrive in 3 days ?

admin answers:

Most of the time they just email you the unlock code within 24hrs.

George asks…

Is it better to buy a locked phone and then unlock it or to just buy it unlocked?

And are phone unlocking sites to be trusted?
Could you please also indicate if you have personally used any of those unlock sites? Thanks.

admin answers:

That all depends on what it will cost in the end…..

One of the best unlocking sites on the net:

Lisa asks…

Is the cell phone unlock means can use by all the company?

Hi, i want to know is the cell phone unlock means can use by all the company? thanks for answering

admin answers:

Yes the cell phone lock means can use by all the company……

Nancy asks…

How much would it cost to get a T mobile phone unlocked or can you do it for free?

I’m thinking of buying a s500 phone, and the cheapest i can find is £99.99 but that is with t mobile and for buying it with o2 you have to pay another £30 pound for the privledge! So i want to buy the t mobile phone and unlock it for my existing o2 sim card.

admin answers:

Usually the guy you bought it from helps out with the unlocking free of cost.

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