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Ruth asks…

What is the quickest way to determine if a large number is a perfect square?

If a person does not remembr all of the perfect squares on the chart and if the person is taking a test, is there a short cut or trick a person can use to determine if a number is a perfect square???? Thank you.

admin answers:

I don’t think there are, short of calculating the square root, but there are some shortcuts that can prove that it is NOT a perfect square.

Add up the digits. If the sum is divisible by 3 but not by 9, then it’s divisible by 3 but not 9, so it can’t be a perfect square.

If it’s even, look at the last two digits mod 4 (i.e., look at the number mod 100). This must be a multiple of 4. This is because, in order to be a square, the number itself must be a multiple of 4. Since any multiple of 100 is a multiple of 4, we can ignore the 100’s digit and all digits to the left of it, and just look at the last 2.

Similarly, if it’s odd, look at the last two digits mod 4. If it’s not 1, then it’s not a perfect square. The square of an odd number is (2n-1)(2n-1) = 4n^2 – 4n + 1, which is = 1 mod 4 in all cases.

If it ends in 5, and the last two digits aren’t 25, then it’s not a square. If they are 25, that doesn’t tell you that it is a square–e.g., 125 isn’t a square.

Beyond that, I’m not aware of any quick tricks that would help unless you have a calculator. If you do, you can just take the sqrt and check the fractional part. If the number is very large, you should check that the answer squared is indeed the number you started with, because it may have been truncated.

Michael asks…

How much space should I have between the wires of my rat cage?

I will be getting a hairless rat soon, but the cage I have.. the wires are probably spaced about an inch apart. Is that too big? I“m worried her head might get stuck…
Actually to be honest an inch sounds too big. It might be a bit smaller. but okay thank you. and yeah I’m debating right now if I’m gonna get the second one with the first one or wait a week or two.

admin answers:

Rat cages should have no more than 1/2 inch spacing. Only large males, and occasionally very large females, can’t squeeze through larger spaces. If you are getting very young rats (between 6 and 10 weeks old) they will probably still be able to fit through the 1/2″ bar spacing.

Please get two rats. They are highly social and need to be kept in pairs or groups. No amount of time spent with them can make up for another rat friend.
You should get them at the same time. If you wait, you’re going to have to quarantine the new rat for three weeks in a separate airspace, and then do introductions. It will make the move much easier on the rats if they have a rat friend with them. And it will save you the time of introductions and save the cost on a second cage.

Cage calculator:

How to do introductions: &

Charles asks…

What should i expect with a Masters degree in Criminal Forensic Justice?

What do you think I should expect as far as salary (just saying if I find a secure job at a police department as police officer/CSI)
Forensics is more than dead bodies (Don’t base off CSI Tv show). In order to be a CSI, you have to be police officer for several years. Standard code.

admin answers:

Thats odd, I am thinking of going for the same thing. I think it would be both challenging and interesting.

Go to this site:

Chris asks…

What machine registers the withdrawal, deposit and interest in a savings account passbook?

I want to buy the machine that registers the withdrawal, deposit and interest in a savings account passbook. What is the name of that machine or its brand?

admin answers:

Many people use the program Quicken, which is used on their personal computers (and business ones).

Most simple accounting programs can keep up with these transactions. The way you’ll come up with the bank’s balance every time is to use the same program they use, and to enter transactions at the same time. Some banks round up a penny over half a cent. Others use odd or even numbers. There might be the need to do some reconciliation transactions every once in a while to allow for these simple differences.

Unless you have a LOT of transactions, a simple passbook, and a calculator should do the trick.

James asks…

How much does it cost to send a package from USA to Germany?

I have a friend who has a birthday coming up. I’m hoping to send him a small box with an 8×10 framed picture, and a container of home-made cookies. I’ve looked on UPS and USPS websites to get an idea of how much it would cost. I’m very confused because they both say that shipping something like this would cost me, at the very least, $80? Is this accurate, or am I doing something wrong or looking in the wrong places? I really can’t afford this right now, does anyone have any suggestions?

admin answers:

Shipping presents internationally can be tricky and the initial cost can be shocking.

The dimensional weight plays a part in what sending an international package can cost.. If it’s an odd size it can end up being more than the actual weight to send.. In other words a big box of feathers could be more expensive than a very small box of rocks..

Advice would be to test different size frames so you can get it into a smaller box.. (maybe 5×7) , see if anyone else wants to send things and share the cost of shipping. Look at the weight of the container you’re shipping the cookies in etc..

Shop around and check out different ways to ship.

The USPS could be your cheapest option but it’s worth looking at package forwarders -eg. to see if their rates are better. They also may be able to give you advice on shipping from the U.S. To Germany. Here is a link to the stackry international shipping calculator –

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