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Charles asks…

How well will michigan state do in the ncaa basketball tournament?

admin answers:

Final Four
Kentucky vs Michigan State
Kansas vs Syracuse

Kentucky vs Kansas


DeMarcus Cousins

Mark asks…

dempsey recieved the bronze for 3rd best player of the tournament?

after kaka and fabiano got their awards of gold and silver boots.

your thoughts?

he finished with 3 goals and 1 you think he was the best U.S. player?

admin answers:

IDK if he was the best US player, but he was certainly the most productive. You also should look at Oguchi Onyewu and Jay Demerit in the back. Demerit was tenacious against the Spanish and also played pretty well today, but unfortunately they couldn’t get the result. I feel like defense isn’t looked upon as much for MVP-type awards because those awards are based on statistic and the defensive position is not one that generate a lot of statistics.

Donald asks…

What are the chances of the Philippines getting a gold medal in boxing in the next Olympics?

Onyok Velasco managed a silver before. Manny Pangilinan is now Chairman of the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines. As an exemplary business manager, can he manage a gold in boxing in the next Olympics? What must he doe? Any suggestions?

admin answers:

We don’t have Olympic Trials like in the US, so our boxers have to go through qualifying tournaments to make the Olympics.

MVP’s got more than enough money to sponsor nation-wide boxing tournaments so the ABAP can have more chances of discovering potential Olympic boxers while our boxers get more in-ring experience before slugging it out in the qualifying tournaments.

When our boxers have already qualified, i’d like to see MVP splurge by giving our boxers the best training available… Maybe hire a Cuban head coach and buy them exercise equipment like the ones he bought for Ateneo.

Lisa asks…

What are my chances of getting into Commerce in Queen’s University, or if possible, one of the ivy leagues?

I am going into grade 11 and as of currently, i have a 91 percent overall in high school. I will be taking full IB next year, and below is a short list of my resume:

Achieved Honours and Honours with distinction through 2009-2013 (junior high to present)
Highest mark overall in grade 9 (last year) for the Atlantic Math contest for previous junior high school


-Vice president of a school club
-Vice president in JA program
-Currently volunteering as a badminton assistant coach once a month
-Currently volunteering at a retirement home
-exceutive of a school club last year
-Volunteer with the city every summer for 60 hours each summer (with programs working with children)
-Secretary for student body previous school
-Refereed a few volleyball games
-Acted as a chairperson for sevral debate competitons

-Play Badminton at the provincial/state level (many first/second place finishes in tournaments around the city and province)
-Played Badminton on school team four years now (mvp all three years in junior high and rookie of the year in grade 10(this year)
-Played Volleyball four years now on the school team
-part of the school debate club

If anyone could help me out by telling me what my chances are or what I should do to improve my resume that would be great. Thanks
I will be in grade 11 during the 2013-2014 school year

admin answers:

Your extracurriculars seem great, but you should work on getting your average up. You might have a half decent chance, definitely worth trying. Good luck.

Ken asks…

Who is the most UNDERATED college basketball player of all time?

Which college basketball player do you think deserves/deserved more credit than they received?

admin answers:

Jeff Fryer of Loyola Marymount. He was a shooting god on that team that went to the Elite 8. Scored in the upper 20 points a game (and frequently reached 40+ points), lights out from behind the arc, but was always overshadowed by Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers.

Also…Anderson Hunt from UNLV. He was the only guy that never was drafted from that amazing team in the early 90s, yet was the NCAA Tournament MVP the year they won it. He routinely led the Running Rebels in points…but was also overlooked because that team had Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, and Greg Anthony.

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