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George asks…

How can I convince my grandma to get a rat?

So I want to get a rat, but this is going to be very hard. I need to know EVERYTHING about rats, and the costs of having one. Thanks!

admin answers:

To add to the first two answers, here’s a rat cage calculator to calculate how many rats you can put in a cage – You should change the space per rat to 2.5 and you can also change centimeters to inches if you need to.
Most bird cages and ferret cages will work for rats. Just make sure that they don’t have wire floors (it can cause something called bumblefoot on your rats feet which may require medical attention), but if they do have wire floors, you can cover them up with cardboard or something. Also make sure that the bar spacing is small enough for the rats to not squeeze through (a rat can go through anything it can fit its head into). You should hang stuff in the rats cage like hammocks and other stuff to climb on.
For food, feed them lab blocks along with fruits and veggies daily. I recommend Mazuri mouse and rat diet. You can also feed them table scraps. Here’s a list of food not to feed your rats-

*Things to remember:
-No pine or cedar bedding! (causes respiratory infections)
-Also don’t use the scented beddings like the ones that have flower petals in them
-Keep the cage away from drafts and direct sunlight
-Use a water bottle and not a dish
-Cage needs to be cleaned 1 – 3 times a week
-Do not grab their tail or pick them up by their tail (it may de-glove and expose bone)
-They need 1-3 hours at least out of their cage a day

When I was convincing my mom to let me have a pet rat, I showed her the movie Ratatioulle. I also showed her a bunch of cute pictures of pet rats and baby rats from google and videos from youtube. Then when we were at a festival one night, there was a girl walking around with a young rat cupped up in her hands and my mom thought it was the sweetest thing. That’s what finally made her agree.
It shouldn’t be hard to convince your grandma. My grandma fell in love with my rats as soon as she saw them! I even had her babysit them for a week last summer.

Here’s another website about the care of rats-

Forgot to mention that the initial price of getting pet rats (including cage and everything) is usually anywhere from $100 – $200. Mine was actually almost $300 because I wanted to spoil my babies and get the best of the best with plenty of toys.

Also- Here’s some sites with interesting rat facts that you may want to know-

Paul asks…

How to select numbers for lotto using a system ?

If you have 50 numbers and there is 6 numbers drawn and you want to play where you choose 12 numbers and if the 6 drawn numbers fall into the 2 numbers you chose you will have minimum of 4 numbers correct.
Does anyone know how to select these numbers or formula used thanks?

admin answers:

I don’t quite understand the question, so I’m sorry if this answer isn’t quite right.

So are you trying to use math to hit the lottery?
Your odds of winning the lottery would be about 50!, and that’s extremely low. I don’t think math would be able to help much.

I found this calculator, if it helps

Lizzie asks…

How big does a cage need to be for 1 male rat?

My rat, Wrinkles, is in a little cage right now, 1 story, and I need to know how big they SHOULD be! Thanks !
He is a hairless 7 month old

admin answers:

One rat needs 2 cu ft of space. Heres a calculator so that you can put the dimensions of any cage you are looking at into it and it will tell you if it is big enough. Males tend to like a 2 story, long cage, as they are a bit lazier than females. My females prefer to climb and dont mind sacrificing a little width for a 3rd level.


Steven asks…

How do I convince my mom to let me get another rat?

I only have one rat and I want another. But last time after we introduced the two rats, my other rat bit me and my mom made me get rid of home. My mom thinks it will happen again if I get another one! plz help!
He is about 7 months old.

admin answers:

Did you go through proper introductions? There are several steps to introductions, including meetings on neutral ground.

How to do introductions: &

I’m not sure what the exactly happened with the rat biting. Was it *during* introductions? As in, were they in the middle of a fight and you tried to separate them with your hands? If that’s the case, it was your fault. I don’t mean that in a mean way but you shouldn’t try and separate fighting rats with bare hands. You need to toss a towel over them, place a book between them, or wear VERY thick gloves when separating fighting rats. Even the most tame, lovable rats will bite their human (mainly by accident) in the heat of a fight. If he didn’t bite until sometime after introductions (as in days) , then it wasn’t related to introductions. Unless you just tossed them together without proper introductions; that will stress a rat out and make them more likely to bite.

You need to let your mother know which was the case. Also let her know that rats are much happier in pairs or groups. They also tend to be less aggressive (even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment), bond better with their human, tend to be healthier and live longer lives.

It doesn’t matter what his age is, you need to get him a rat friend. Two adult males can be introduced to each other. Many times they get along just fine and have little issue figuring out who will be alpha. Remember there will be „fights“ for alpha status but as long as no one is getting hurt (blood and/or long scream-like squeaks) then leave them be; they have to go through that to.

It is easiest to introduce adult males to young rats that are between 6-8 weeks old. Young rats rarely try to be alpha so the adult accepts them faster. They may have dominance fights as they get older, but again, as long as no one is getting hurt leave them be. If you decide to get a young rat, you should get two. Males are much more playful when they are young and having another young rat will give them someone to play with.

Make sure your cage is big enough.
Cage calculator:

You are supposed to quarantine new rats in a separate airspace for 3 weeks to prevent the spread of serious illnesses. You would have to skip the quarantine to introduce him to young rat(s) though. If you get the rat(s) from a good breeder the risk of them having anything they could pass to your rat would be small. Make sure you ask the breeder if they allow other rat owners around their rats. If they do, I would NOT skip the quarantine. People cannot get the viruses rats pass to each other but they CAN carry the viruses to other rats. If you get the rats from a pet store, I highly recommend you go ahead and quarantine; pet store rats aren’t known for their good health.

Jenny asks…

Why are the odds of catching herpes or any other std so blown out of proportion?

Im a very cautious person in regards to sexual encounters. However last week I had a lapse and had unprotected sex for the first time. I am not in a relationship with the girl, but I know her through a friend and when she assured me that we didn’t need a condom, I decided to take a gamble and go with it. A few days after the encounter, I naturally started to feel a bit worried that maybe I had caught something. My main concern being herpes, since its incurable. I had no symptoms, but through my anxiety my mind started to play tricks on me, and when examining my genital area, I started to get paranoid even though there was nothing unordinary present. I had a sore on my anal area, and this really escalated my fears. The internet didn’t help, it gave me the impression that herpes was a near guarantee if you have unprotected sex with someone. I was getting very anxious and stressed, so I decided to ring my clinic. It was the best thing I did. The women over the phone assured me that it was just a cut or at worse a haemorrhoid in my anal area, and she explained that the chances of catching herpes is actually very low. I still wanted a second opinion, so I rang the NHS sexual help line, and an adviser said that exact same thing. In fact, they both seemed quite perplexed that I was so worried. The second adviser told me to visit The STD Calculator just to put the odds into context. I discovered that if you have sex with some one who has herpes, but with no outbreak, you odds of catching it are about 5000 to 1. And through all my efforts of trying to stay protected by wearing a condom were made in vein by the fact that if someone is having an outbreak, your are just as likely to catch herpes wearing a rubber then if you wasn’t. It also pointed out that the odds of a sexual partner having HSV 2 was about 10 percent. Given these statistics, why are there people saying that one in five women have HSV 2, and that you have a good chance of catching it even without an outbreak? Ofcourse its best to wear a condom and its essential that people are educated about safe sex, but why are herpes blown so out of proportion? Is there anyone that is qualified to give me a valid reason?
Just to confirm, I have been checked for bacterial infections which came back negative. My clinic only test for herpes if an outbreak is present, so I didn’t have that option.

admin answers:

Herpes and stds can have negative social stigmas. Also people don’t want to do research or think before they post some thing inflammatory. Some times people think what they are posting is funny but it’s often taken the wrong way and people with herpes don’t always appreciate that kind of humor.
The chances of getting herpes from some one in between a break out is low and it’s not always automatically passed on. It’s still possible to pass it if some one with herpes has intercourse just after or just before a break out occurs. If they haven’t had a break out for a long time and if they happen to be taking antiviral medication regularly then you’re chances of getting it are very low. Just so you know there is a small chance of getting herpes even if you use a condom because they don’t cover all areas of the genitals that herpes can affect.
About 40 percent of the population in North America has HSV2 includes both men and women. It’s a very common infection to have as most sites say.

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