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Betty asks…

How many total fights will be fought in the Showtime Super 6 Middleweight Tournament?

I’m wondering how many total fights will be fought in the tournament, we’ve already seen Taylor/Abraham, Dirrell/Froche(I thought Dirrell was robbed), and we have Kessler/Ward coming up.(which I expect to be very one sided)

Following all this we have

But will there be a 3rd round? If so how many rounds are in the tournament?

admin answers:

Yes there will be a third round, check out the link below. All fights will be on Showtime.

Charles asks…

How are D1 state tournament seeds decided for wrestling?

I wrestle d1 in massachusetts and I want to know how they decided the seeds in the state tournament for this year

admin answers:

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Chris asks…

How many times has Holy Cross been to the NCAA tournament?

PE project.
But I need to know how many times the Holy Cross basketball team has gone to the NCAA tournament.
Any help?

admin answers:

They have gone 12 times. Half those times were back in the days when the real champions were crowned by the NIT. Holy Cross won the tournament in 1947. They haven’t got past the first round since 1953.

Tim’s link doesn’t include their 2007 appearance.

This link might help you.

Maria asks…

How can I unlock extra pack yugioh 2009, which tournament is everybody talking about.?

Please give me a good answer. I can’t find any answer maby a link to a video or just a discrpition.

admin answers:

You go under „World Championship“
Then you select Duel and instead of against CPU you select „Tournament“.

Thomas asks…

Where can I find a list of forbidden cards at yugioh tournaments?

Please post a link to the page below.
Thank you.

admin answers:


You’re welcome

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