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Mary asks…

Are all the types of pitbulls rated the most dangerous dog on the planet, and are they illegal in the UK?

im just wondering if ALL the types of pitbulls are rated the most dangerous dog on this planet or if its just a certain type. And if they are allowed to be pets in the UK.

admin answers:

TPitbull is a generic term, and shouldn’t be used. The „pitbull type“ dogs are all banned in the UK. The american staffordshire terrier, the american pit bull terrier, and the dogs resembling these dogs that are considered type are banned. The only dogs legal in the UK are the true, registered staffordshire bull terriers. The requirements are strict, and there has to be proof of pedigree on the dog, and it has to pass an inspection.
They are not the most dangerous dogs, nor are they rated as such. Id advise you to do a little research. There is a negative stereotype associated with these dogs that has been exacerbated by the continued spread of ignorance, and idiot dog fighting scum bags.
There is only one true pit bull. The American Pit Bull Terrier. All others are simply type dogs. If it isn’t an APBT, it isn’t a pit bull, and shouldn’t be called one. They should be called bully breed dogs if anything.

Paul asks…

How do you feel about pitbulls?

On the tv show The Power of 10, there was a question about the percentage of Americans who believe people should not own pitbulls. The percentange was 55%. I couldn’t believe it was so high. I have worked at a vet clinic for quite a while and out of the hundreds of pits who have come in, not once have I had a bad experience with one. Of course, the people who usually bring their animals to a vet’s office aren’t the type of people who raise animals to be vicious towards other people and animals.

For those who hate the breed, have you actually been around multiple pits or is the hatred you profess to from just stuff from the tv. And don’t you think it’s unfair to hate the whole breed from a few instances. I mean, that would be the same thing as saying you hate black or white people because one hurt your friend.

admin answers:

I agree with you my friend. I have owned Rotweilers and they aren’t looked at as bad-but the still have that reputation. It disgusts me to hear talk of entire states trying to band the entire breed. Lets face it-all dogs have the potential to bite and become aggresive. It is all about the repect you have for the animal when it is being raised. Earlier this summer I was driving to work and I saw a man walking his gorgeous pit down a busy street. The dog was perfectly poised, Not walking beyond his owner but right with him. I group of kids passed and the dog didn’t even blink. But the owner kept yanking him around and hit him and pulled his chain. I think the commomn misconception for the a-holes that raise their pits this way is that they have to be mean and instill fear in the dog in order to have the dog behave. This is WRONG-raising a dog this way makes a dog obeidient out of fear and that is where you hear those stories about people having owned their dog for years and it „turns“ on them out of no where. Dogs raised by physical and verbal abuse listen out of fear but the don’t trust their owners!

John asks…

How to get pitbull dogs legal?

What is the best way to get pitbull dogs legalized in a small town?

admin answers:

This article kind of goes over what to do to make sure a BSL isn’t passed but it has a lot of information you can read about to try and get things to change like who you can write to and contact and ways to show Pits in a positive way.


David asks…

My dog just passed worms and I cant find a 24 hour vet? Is it OK to wait till tomorrow?

He went potty twice now and it looks like a handfull of worms each time. They look kinda like spaghetti noodles with slimey stuff. No feces and he’s not eating. Ive researched it on the net and am not seeing anything about how serious it is. I called the emergency pet hospital and they told me to wait till tomorrow.
He’s a pitbull and he’s 9 weeks old. Any advice?
Concerned pet owner!

admin answers:

It sounds like he’s got round worms. Was he recently dewormed? Usually when a puppy has these worms and they’re given a dewormer all the worms come out in the poop. Usually it’s not an emergency, but they can make the little guy feel pretty bad. I would take him into the vet tomorrow first thing if he’s still not eating. If he hasn’t been to the vet at all yet he should go tomorrow no matter what. If he starts vomiting or getting really lethargic I’d take him to the emergency hospital tonight – you don’t want him to get dehydrated.

James asks…

What states and cities have laws forbidding or restraining pitbulls?

I am taking a cross country trip from SC to CA with my pitbull and need to know what states and cities have laws or regulations against pitbulls. Especially Co, Nv, and CA. We will be spending most of our time in CA from Redwoods to San Fran, Denver, and the Grand Canyon. Any advise and websites are appreciated. Thanks

admin answers:

Most people who are scared of pitbulls, have never known one.

Be VERY careful in Colorado. High BSL (breed specific law) state:
Aurora-passed BSL
SB054-doesnt pass
Parker-decides against BSL
Estes Park-decides against BSL
North Glen-decides against BSL
LaJunta-decides against BSL
Lakewood-decides against BSL
Layfayette-decides against BSL
Longmont-decides against BSL
Rocky Ford-decides against BSL
Lone Tree-passed BSL
Castle Rock-BSL
Commerce City-BSL
Ft. Lupton-BSL
Lone Tree-BSL

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