Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

Lisa asks…

how do i spread pokerus to my pokemon?

this is only for pokemon pearl

admin answers:

You should try breeding them with the one infected

Daniel asks…

cant spread pokerus why?

i have a celebi with it ive had in party tons i just sat for an hour rididng the bike it wont spread any one know how long or why it wont
it was obtained in a trade does that matter
none of you guys jave helped

admin answers:

Try to battle with it and another pokemon that is how i was abale to spread mine

Helen asks…

my pokerus pokemon in my party won’t spread to my other pokemon, why?

I have promised some of you battles and trades but my wi-fi is having trouble connecting.
I’ll save the raukiu and the suicune for the dude that contacted me

admin answers:

If your pokemon has a happy face on the side when you check its summary then it means it still has pokerus but can not spread it. If it has
pkrs on the top and its in purple then it can and pokmeon with a happy face cant get it because they already have it

John asks…



– i have a pokemon with the virus and im spreading it around but im aware that the smiley face means that the pokemon cant spread anymore … but i want to have a pokemon with the active virus meaning able to spread i want a pokemon to have a active one how do i make one pokemon not get the smiley face …

– and now it says PKRS … and does that eventually go away and turn to the happy face ?
yea ok way ta go genius your telling me to play with my dick but when its you who needs to do something with your life and stop wasting time on yahoo answers if your gonna write stupid shit like that…

admin answers:

Hi. Oh, and you can actually report that idiot before me.

Well, i’ve never gotten the pokerus so that’s awsome of you to get it. I hear it’s like hella rare. Anywho, from what i hear, you can spread it to your party right? Well, all you have to do is get a random pokemon to ur party to also get infected. Then, deposit it in your boxes. It wont count as you having it with you and a time limit. So once you have it in your box, it pratically going to stay infected forever. And when you need to infect more of your pokemon’s then just take it out to your party and infect away. You can keep repeating this so it’s very lucky of you. 😀 Hope i helped.

Oh, and yeah, the pkrs does turn into a happy face sooner or later. So be sure to keep atleast one pokemon in your box to keep pokerus around.

Richard asks…

Can I spread Pokerus forever if I do this?

I don’t know if anyone has tried this…

I know that pokemon can only spread pokerus for 1-3 days, but if I take the battery out of the game (R,S,E), will I be able to spread pokerus forever or do the time based events have to be enabled?

If I need the battery to spread it, can I just take the battery out when I am not playing or does pokerus only spread at midnight or something?

admin answers:

Pokerus will only vanish from your Pokemon if they are in your party *at midnight.* So Pokerus will spread at any time, but will only be *cured* at midnight. And a cured Pokemon will still reap all the benefits of the virus, but will not be able to spread it.

So the best thing to do is to infect more Pokemon with Pokerus, and then always have at least one in your PC when the in-game clock strikes Midnight. But always at least one, just in case you forget one night and all the Pokemon in your party become ‚cured.‘

Pokerus spreads best when a Pokemon with it appears in battle, and is most likely to spread to the Pokemon directly adjacent/next to one that is already infected. More research can be done on Bulbapedia or Serebii.

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