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Daniel asks…

If you were an omnipotent supercreator,how would you dispose of the disobedient atheists who refuse to worship?

your bestest and only begotten son?

I would send them all to an eternal pit of burny stuff. That sounds like the smart thing to do.

admin answers:

Your question is flawed. You are assuming any atheist who refuses to worship will need to be disposed of in some manner. The act of not worshiping does not condemn people, but instead their immoral and unethical acts do. An atheist who loves and cares for people their entire life are more likely to be saved than a believer who leads a dissolute life.

The end of a dissolute life is a desperate death. — Bion, Greek philosopher

Laura asks…

What should I get my good friend for Valentines Day because I love him with all my heart?

My bestest friend in the whole wide world that is a guy is my exboyfriend and still I want to get him a Valentine’s Day gift because he means so much to me. What should I get him?

admin answers:

Give him a beautiful scarf which you make by yourself

Ken asks…

How much will the Chinese government pay to Obama to have him immigrate to China and become prez there? Obama?

is the world’s bestest prez and wherever he’s the prez the economy of that country multiplies by 100 weekly. Would the Chinese government pay $ 2 billion to Obama to have him be the Chinese prez instead?

admin answers:

$418,000 per year.

Donna asks…

Who will have the bestest finish @ The Mile Monster in Dover?

Who will have the bestest finish of the vs?

Kyle Busch or Dale Earnhardt Jr

Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson

Mark Martin or Jeff Burton

Kevin Harvick or Clint Bowyer

Tony Stewart or Joey Logano

Denny Hamlin or Ryan Newman

Kurt Busch or Carl Edwards

Kasey Kahne or Marcos Ambrose

Best job picking gets B.A.

admin answers:

Kyle Busch
Jeff Gordon
Mark Martin
Kevin Harvick
Tony Stewart
Denny Hamlin
Carl Edwards
Kasey Kahne

Chris asks…

What do you do when a friend gets obsesive?

My best friends and I have a really close group, but we are sometimes diveded. My bestest is Reema. I love all of them, but Reema and I have alot in common. So Reema and I went to a ballet, and my mother invited Reema only, I didn’t tell Lorena, to not hurt her feelings, then Reemas little sister told her. Then she went at us. And well she needs to understand it’s not always going to be with her. So what do I do about this obseseive best friend?

admin answers:

Tell her u are sorry for doing what u did and tell her u will include her in the next thing u do… If there is another thing u are going to and u dont want her to come just tell her i think i am going with someone else but we can do something together later sorry thats all u have to do trust me. =)

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