Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Mark asks…

Where can I get clothes like Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson for cheap?

If i went to a store like TJmax or Marshael would i be able to find things like Juicy Couture, Coach, Betsey johnson and about how much? for things like bags or juicy track suits?

admin answers:

TJMaxx for Juicy

Betsey Johnson (maybe) at Ross

Or altogether, Nordstrom Sales Rack (I think thats what its called)

Pick me for the best answer please!

Sandra asks…

I won a dress that taylor swift wore in a magazine. How much is it worth?

She wore it in the December 2010/ January 2011 edition of Seventeen magazine. It’s an orginal Betsey Johnson dress.

admin answers:

It’s worth the price of the dress plus the celebrity factor. You could go to Betsey Johnson’s web site to see what a comparable dress might cost, then go to eBay and search for other celebrity owned clothing to see what other sellers are asking for comparable items.

It’s likely that you could get well into the thousands for an item like this, as long as the dress is in good condition and you have papers authenticating that Taylor wore the dress.

David asks…

Places to buy cheap betsey Johnson bags?

I love betsey Johnson purses and always wanted one. but I need help finding a place.

admin answers:


Maria asks…

How do I get my necklace to stop turning my neck green?

I have this Betsey Johnson necklace with an owl on it. You;d think because its designer and all expensive that it would be good quality. Anyway, I really love it and I wear it all the time. I guess it got a little worn as time went on, because its been turning my neck green all summer. I got it in Nov.07. How can I remedy this!?

admin answers:

Clear nail pollish – run it along the chain and cover it all and problem solved i use it on mine

Helen asks…

What color dress can I wear with heels that have both gold and silver in them?

I’ve never really been big on mixing gold and silver together. However, I saw these cute Betsey Johnson heels that had both silver and gold in them, and so I bought them. But now I don’t know how to wear them so they just sit in my closet. What color dress would go well with these gold and silver heels?

admin answers:

I would stick to a plain black dress. Mixing too many „outstanding“ colors wont look so good. I think it would be best to have a plain black dress and that „spark“ or „punch“ to the outfit would be your shoes.

If that made sense. I hope I helped.

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