Your Questions About Tournament Brackets

Daniel asks…

How much risk has to be present before investing becomes betting?

What seperates a stock investment from a wager on the outcome of a sports tournament bracket?

admin answers:

Both are gambling with risk. But you don’t need Pokerface.Both have technical analysis to support your investment.And both have to face the inside information technique. But stock gambling rely only on the referee. A sport gambling rely more on the sport fans.

Robert asks…

What would be an ideal major/career path for me?

I’ve recently decided that I want to pursue a career in gambling/investing, preferably sports related. Whether it is in poker, sports handicapping, ncaa tournament brackets, horse racing, stock market, or whatever, gambling is my passion. I also love fantasy sports and making managerial moves ie drafting and trading players, etc….

admin answers:

If you are still in school and want to pursue this type of work, you will need to be very gifted in Math / statistics. You could pursue a job in a sports book in Vegas.

Mary asks…

When doing NCAA tournament brackets, do you always pick logically or do you go with your favorite team?

To win it all and hope to be right.

Obviously this only applies if your team is actually in the NCAA tournament. It’s also not a big stretch if they’re a 1-3 seed or so. But what if they’re farther down in the seedings?
I ask because I actually have this dilemma for once, and logic says they won’t make it very far.

admin answers:

I have that dilemma too. Only the second tournament appearance in 19 years for Boise State, and I’m excited for them and I see a chance of us advancing any further than the round of 64 against Kansas State. That feeling of getting the upset right and looking like a genius is glorious, but logic gets your farther

Mandy asks…

How do I figure out where to put „byes“ in a tournament bracket for my pool tournament?

It is a 8 ball double elimination tournament. I have a 16 man bracket but I am unsure about where to put the byes in the beginning and also where to put them as people progress to the loser’s bracket.

admin answers:

You are correct when you think of using a 2-4-8-16-32-64 bracket for a tournament. The first thing you do is draw out how many lines you need for the first round. Say you have 12 players, you would have 4 byes to make 16 lines. Write each name on a piece of paper and toss them in a hat. Write the word „bye“ on lines 2, 4, 14, and 16. Start at the top of the bracket and draw a name for line 1. Repeat this all the way down the bracket. The 16 lines should have 12 names and 4 byes. You can see that the byes are gone by the second round. If you have an odd number of byes, say 5, you put the first bye on line 2, the second on line 16, the third on line 4, the fourth on line 14, and the fifth on line 6. You want to spread the byes equally between the top 8 lines and the bottom 8 lines. Good luck!

Thomas asks…

What are the odds of choosing 0% of the teams in your ncaa tournament bracket?

Everyone cares about getting a perfect bracket. What are the odds of getting a completely imperfect bracket?

admin answers:

Less than a 1%. ‚Almost‘ impossible.

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