Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Betty asks…

If my cell phone service is cancelled, is the phone unlocked?

AT&T has cancelled my service. Does this mean that the phone is unlocked?

admin answers:

No. You would still have to have the phone unlocked by someone that knows how before you could use it on another network.

Laura asks…

Would an unlocked Blackberry Storm work on the Sprint Network?

If i buy an unlocked Blackberry Storm, Would i be able to activate it with Sprint? What are the Pro’s and Con’s of having your phone unlocked?

admin answers:

The Blackberry storm even though it has a SIM card cannot be used on Sprint CDMA as the net packages such as Vision and Verizon network is different causing the phone to likely crash. The other difficulty is that it requires a sublock code, which employees can be terminated for giving out. On the other hand Blackberry storm does have a SIM Card slot which you can be used when you are international on GSM networks.

By the way, I got a the storm for only $99 bucks! Making this phone the best phone that you can use on a GSM network.

Ken asks…

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

I have an htc one s and its on a T-Mobile network. I found this phone , ever since they removed the number off the phone I’m not if it’s still on T-Mobile. It doesn’t say T-Mobile on network or on the homescreen. Im trying to get it on Metro pcs but I need to unlock it. I placed my moms sim card in it to test something out (she has metro pcs), they said if the phone was locked it would ask for a sim card pin. all the phone says is “ invalid sim card wifi call“ then it tells me to take it to be upgraded is my phone unlocked or not ? help please !!!

admin answers:

You can’t put a TMO phone on MetroPCS, unlocked or not. Different frequencies.

NOTE: If phone was locked it would ask for a Subsidy Unlock Code, not a SIM PIN, not the same thing.

Carol asks…

Can i unlock an apple iphone 3gs from 3mobile to any network?

I have a iphone 3gs on 3mobile on contract can i have the phone unlocked to any network?

admin answers:

Yes you can unlock it with this trusted unlock guide for iphone 3gs: Http://

James asks…

how long does it take to get an unlocking code from T mobile?

I paid t mobile £15 to get my phone unlocked at the end of Dec and still not received it. I have emailed and phoned about it several times and have been fobbed off, is this the norm for T mobile?

admin answers:

Forget it, i tried to get one, i also paid £15,it was about 5 months after and they didnt have a code for the phone! If the phone you are talking about is a Nokia 6280 then just request your money back, thats what i did!

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