Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Laura asks…

Have I EV trained my pokemon wrong?

I tried EV training for the first time, so I got my hands on a Macho Brace and gave my entire team the Pokerus. The pokerus turned into the small yellow face because I was doing other things, and then I started EV training. I was EV training my Aipom in Attack and Speed, so, with the Pokerus and Macho Brace, I thought defeating 63 Starlys and 63 Shinxes would max those out:

(252 to max out, halved by Pokerus, also halved by Macho Brace):
252 divided by 2= 126
126 divided by 2= 63

So, I did that. And, to make sure I’d done it right, I decided to try and use a vitamin. If the stats had maxed out, then the vitamin would not work. However, when I did, it told me that Aipom’s Sp Def. had increased.

Have I done something wrong?

admin answers:

Starly is worth 1 ev point, so with macho brace and pokerus its actually worth 3 points, coming to 189 points for killing 63 of them which gives you +47.25 to your speed stat

shinxes are worth 1 ev point also so killing 63 of them adds +47.25 to your atk stat

now then you messed up somewhere because you shouldnt have been able to use the vitamin if you were over 100 ev’s which you should have been even though you aren’t even at the maximum amount of ev points

what i recommend is to get the berries that lower a pokemons stats to make them more friendly and start over and perhaps use a ev training guide this time and keep track of each battle

Ken asks…

Pokemon ev training help? Am I calculating this correctly?

Alright so I hv macho brace and pokerus. That means if I battle a zubat 4 times I will get 4 stat points increased. Going at this pace it will take me a very long time. Am I calculating this correctly? Is it for every zubat I get 4? I’m confuzled.
at the person who told me to google it
I got confused with the ev’s and the stat points. Thanks everyone for the help

admin answers:

Zubat gives 1 EVs, not stat points. But since you have macho brace, it will double that amount to 2 EVs per zubat. And since you have pokerus, that will double the 2 to 4 EVs per zubat. Don’t get confused with EVs and stat would train a lot faster if you wear a power anklet, which gives 4 speed EVs every pokemon you kill, regardless of what they already gave. So if you kill a zubat, you would get 1 speed EV + 4 more speed EVs = 5 speed EVs. And since you have pokerus, it will double to 10 speed EVs.
4 EVs will equal one stat point. So if you have like 12 EVs, you would get 3 more stats.

Maria asks…

how do you know when you’ve finished ev training a stat in pokemon diamond?

i’m ev training my gabite’s (training to be a garchomp) atk stat and it has pokerus and a macho brace
i read online that if the lady at sunnyshore gives your pokemon an effort ribbon then that means its hit their max ev’s
she gave the ribbon to my gabite, but when i went to a lv 100 battle on wifi, gabites atk was extremely low

admin answers:

Either the pokemon has really bad IV’s or you didnt train it right OR you need to get it to garchomp before its attack will really go up. When it evolves the stats go up aswell so u might just have to have it evolve

Sharon asks…

How long should it take you to EV train in pokemon soulsilver?

I can usually finish a regular 4 252 252 in about one and a half hours with macho brace and pokeus. Is that too long, or is it good enough?

admin answers:

To me it seems good enough. It might even take a bit quicker then expected because you have the Macho Brace on while the Pokerus is on. It shouldn’t take to long if you have a Pokerus an a Macho Brace.

Thomas asks…

Are the EVs in my pokemon game not working properly or am I doing something wrong?

Okay so I’m training health EVs on my turtle in pokemon white. From my understand Stunfisk gives 2 HP EVs, therefore with macho brace and pokerus I should be getting 8 HP EVs per battle. Since 4 EVs= one stat point, i should be getting 2 HP per battle. In my game though, I’m only getting 1 hp per 2 battles with stunfisks. Any responses are appreciated!

admin answers:

First of all, the Power Items are more effective than the Macho Brace.

Pokérus + Macho Brace = 4x, where x is the EV Yield of a Pokémon.
Pokérus + Power Item = 2(x+4), where x is the EV Yield of a Pokémon.

As a result, if you want to EV Train quicker, you’ll have better luck with that.

Now, to answer your question.

4 EVs is equal to one stat point ONLY AT LEVEL 100. If your Pokémon isn’t Level 100, then the stat gain is different.

Any given stat is equal to:

( ( ( ( a + ( 2 * b ) + ( ( c ) / ( 4 ) ) + d ) * e ) / ( 100 ) ) + f ) * g


a = IV
b = Base Stat
c = EV
d = 100 if the stat is HP, 0 otherwise
e = Level
f = 10 if the stat is HP, 5 otherwise
g = 1.1 if the stat has a beneficial nature, 0.9 if it has a detrimental nature, 1 otherwise

So it’s a bit different at the lower levels. But rest assured that when your Pokémon reaches Level 100, its stats will be increased by one-quarter of its EVs, compared to if you had done no EV Training at all.

Exactly how many EVs are required for a stat gain at a low level depends on (1) What level it is and (2) What the base stat is.

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