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Betty asks…

whats the web site off of the tv camercial for free poker games?


admin answers:

You’re probably refering to

Donald asks…

What’s a good,free online poker game that won’t hurt your PC either. Please read description?

I have seen people have free poker games on their computers, but the computer will be terribly slow. Can anyone offer some insight?
MULTIPLAYER-sorry lol forgot that one

admin answers:

You an Play Free Online Poker here

That site is safe.

George asks…

free poker games with real money for free?

looking for a free poker site where u can play with real money but dont have 2 pay for it

admin answers:

There aren’t any poker games which will let you play for free and offer you money in real. You have to invest some real money to win real money. Although there are some websites like some of them mentioned here which will let you play with fun money but then the benefits will not be given to you, as you played for just fun or o learn.

Mark asks…

Where can I play poker games online for free?

Maybe even a website where you can win actual prizes or something. Or a good one that you can play online with other people around the world.

admin answers:

Haven’t you tried poker on facebook. Zynga is very popular facebook poker game.
And if you want any site totally dedicated to poker and is free then you can go to PokerStars and FullTilt Poker. These sites with their .NET domains are popular for providing free money gaming to the players. Some more sites are also there check their review at

Mandy asks…

Free Poker games????????????????????????????????

my mom is chinese and u now chinese plp like to throw money to the trash so she wants wo play free online poker any wabsites??

admin answers:

I reccomand downloading poker stars, those free online poker websites are usually full of pop-ups and other nasty stuff for your CPU.

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