Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

George asks…

Can a blackberry really be unlocked with just an IMEI?

Hi im about to get a new blackberry phone from someone but need to get the phone unlocked as im on a different network to them. I have seen a lot of adverts saying they dont even need the phone in front of them, they can just unlock it if they know the IMEI and the phone operator.

Is this true or is this a scam?

Appreciate the answers in advanced. Thanks!

admin answers:

Yes its true, use this site it’s free to unlock your blackberry

i used it before and it works great

Thomas asks…

Do you have to pay to unclock cell phones?

I was told that you can have cell phones unlocked for free if you call your carrier. Now I’m no longer with T-mobile and I have a Motorola V360 that I want to unlock. I searched online and the prices vary from 14.99 to 39. Can I still call T-mobile to ask them to unlock or do I have to pay to have it unlocked? Are those unlocking services reliable? Any recommendations? Thanks!
I already left T-mobile 4 months ago… can I still call them to unlock?

admin answers:

What carrier(s) are you thinking about going to? The truth is the Internet phone unlockers are reliable but sometimes mistakes happen, so if you decide to use one of those phone unlocking sites make sure to read the terms and agreements and also make sure that they have customer service (phone or email services) to contact if something wrong did happen.

Lizzie asks…

Can I buy an unlocked phone from somewhere and bring it to another carrier?

I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but only the major carriers have them so, can I buy the phone unlocked online from a major carrier and bring it to Fido and get a plan from them with it?

admin answers:

The majority of unlocked phones will accept a SIM card from any provider. I live in the Republic of Ireland and if /when I want a new phone, I go into Northern Ireland and buy an unlocked phone at Carphone Warehouse. As long as the phone I get is authorised to be used in the Republic, I have no problem. (Some phones do not have the settings to be used in a country other than the country it is released in – release dates vary for different countries).

John asks…

How are phones unlocked?

I want to get my phone unlocked locally, and I just want to know how they do it. I have my phone boxed up – do they need all the batteries in and it all setup, or do they just need the phone itself?

admin answers:

That depends on which phone you are talking about it. Different phones have different unlocking methods. You could still check your carrier & see what they say though. My uncle got his unlocked through T-Mobile.

Carol asks…

Unlock mobile phone via code will the internet still work?

Hi there,
Im going to buy a phone unlocked via code but im just wondering if I put in a different network provider Sim card, will the web browsing or anything to do online still work normal? anyone knows? Thanks heap

admin answers:

No internet will only work if the phone is on the network it’s sold to…If the phone is unlocked then then network tied features such as MMS or internet will not work if the phone is running on another carriers simcard. Hope this helps.

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