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James asks…

What is the pass rate for infantry officers at Ranger School?

I know the overall pass rate for ranger school, but I was wondering if there was a specific pass rate for infantry officers. Im in ROTC now, and will be becoming an Infantry officer in the army. I know ranger school, along with the other schools are not required, but it seems like an unwritten rule.

admin answers:

They don’t differentiate. Everyone in training is a Ranger. So the pass fail rate is not broken down by rank.

Ruth asks…

Does anybody have tips on using a regular flash pass at six flags?

I am planning to get a regular flash pass and not a gold one (even though I know gold is better!) . I will take any tips on how to get the most out of my flash pass or on six flags over all. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

Go on their website and get the list of all the rides you are allowed to use it on. You might want to start in the morning (before it gets busy) riding the rides that are NOT on the Flash Pass and then going to the Flash Pass rides once the crowds pick up.

Betty asks…

Why would New Jersey Pass the law that makes you unable to purchase kitchen appliances on Sunday?

Why would the new jersey government pass such a stupid law? Was it a mistake, is there a reason towards it?

admin answers:

Maybe this is why.

New Jersey has no sales tax. A person can pay a lot of money in sales tax if he or she buys a new refrigerator.

New York city is right next door to northern New Jersey so many New Yorkers can buy a stove or refrigerator in New Jersey to avoid the sales tax. It might be worth the trip to save that money. But buying a new toaster would not be worth the trouble.

I think this law was passed for two reasons:

1. Reduce weekend traffic coming into New Jersey. Most people buy big ticket stuff on the weekends.

2. Give New York a break by cutting down on the amount of lost sales tax.

Daniel asks…

Can I get an annual pass for Disney water parks without purchasing a pass for every park in the place?

My friend is getting a Disney pass. I can’t afford one. He said I could get one for just the water parks for only a hundred bucks but I can’t find a water park pass anywhere on their website. I’m talking about Disney in Orlando.

admin answers:

Yes, there is an annual pass just for the water parks and one for the water parks and DisneyQuest. Details as follows (sales tax included in listed price):

Annual Water Park Hopper Ticket – $106.45 Adult (10+), $85.73 Child (3-9)
Provides admission to both water parks for one year. Each park closes for a few months for annual refurbishment, but normally at least one water park will be open every day of the year.

Water Park / DisneyQuest Annual Pass – $137.39 Adult (10+), $105.44 Child (3-9)

George asks…

How do you pass a hair follicle drug test?

Is there anything that actually works to pass a hair follicle drug test?
Ok first this drug test is not for me. Second I know the best way is to not do drugs, but that is not my question. My question is how do you pass a hair follicle test. Please don’t bother answering if all you are going to put is don’t do drugs.

admin answers:

You means pass as „having used drugs and have them not detected in the hair“?

Cannot be done. Each hair contains a sample of every substance ingested at the time it grew in minute amount. If the test is accurate enough, it will not only tell what drugs were used, but how much and how long ago, up to 90 days after the drug usage (depending on how long the hairs are).
The only way to avoid it is to shave off ALL hair and body hair (including eyebrows and eyelashes), which is essentially suggesting that there is indeed something that one wants to hide.

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