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Lizzie asks…

The left side suspension looks lower than the right side on my honda del sol?

I bought a 95 honda del sol and took it for alignment, but didn’t pass. The left side front and rear tires are a little lower than the right side. I eye balled the springs and they look about the same. What could cause this? Please help?

admin answers:

Measure! Get a tape and measure from ground to wheelarch on both sides, front and rear. This is something that an alignment shop should do on an older car anyway as part of their initial inspection.

If it is indeed sitting lower on one side, it’s likely on a Honda that a spring is broken, they’re known for it. They break near the top and can be hard to spot. Otherwise they’re just worn and sagged more on one side, which would have to mean a previous owner was heavy and drove alone!

How do you FAIL an alignment??????? The car is road tested, lifted up, checked for play (Did you have any loose components?) … The heads are put on the wheels, the car is lowered onto the tables, the angles are measured. Toe is set if it’s off (You would know if your steering wheel was off centre) and camber and caster are measured (These generally cause pulling). Almost everything on a Honda is adjustable… Though sometimes you need to replace parts to do it. What did they mean by a fail?

William asks…

Is it possible to break your wrist passing a volleyball?

Today I was passing a volleyball with my friend. I have broken both my wrists, so they’re not as strong as they should be. While passing, my left wrist started hurting very badly, and now it is swollen, is bruised, hurts, and is very sensitive to the touch. Is this just my wrist being bruised, or should I be more concerned? Thank you!

admin answers:

Typically no, there is no way in hell you can break a wrist passing. You would have to do something more, unless you have a unique case, like your medical history. If something is swollen and inhibiting you mobility and usage of the hand or otherwise, you should always have it looked at.

Helen asks…

How do I not get kicked, stepped on, tackled? I play soccer at my college but how to not get hit so hard?

While it is good to be able to pass players left and right, top to bottom, back and forth, it is not good to get stepped on and almost have my toes broken or get kicked in the shins or the knees. How can I prevent these potential career-ending injuries?

admin answers:

Pass the ball off when you come under pressure. Don’t try to dribble through 5 people. And don’t do one on one with the keeper cus most the time the keeper will either get the ball and destroy you or just destroy you

Thomas asks…

Would you say that was United strongest team out their tonight ?

With the likes of Nani and Scholes coming on second half..
With the defense doing amazing but not having to do much
the Midfield with Giggs and Carrick and with Park and Valenica on the wings with Rooney doing amazing passes, left, right and center.. and Hernandez with a strong goal threat every time he’s in the box with the ball..

FQ- Final score at OT ?

admin answers:

Woot! Yes! I’m just happy to have 2 away goals. Defending at home will be a bit easier. But I doubt SAF would park at home. He’s going to go for the kill. Undeniable win to challenge either Barcelona/Real.

Experience vs Youth.. ManU are veterans at this game if they lost it doesn’t say much for their record and we’d be just like LFC sitting and singing on old glory. Let’s hope for another win at Old Trafford.

Jenny asks…

How can i get a home loan with bad credit?

My mom has passed and left me her home, only problem is she had a reverse mortgage on the home. My fiancee and I live in the home and would like to stay in the home. How do I keep the home?
Thank you for your answers, but isn’t their some kind of creative financing i can find?

admin answers:

Was the home paid off prior to the reverse mortgage? Do you have a decent amount in savings? If so you may be able to just pay back the reverse mortgae, if nto you’ll have to refi for whatever is left on the loan. Check out I dont have the best credit so had to shop around but taht site helped me find my b of a loan.

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