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William asks…

What are my chances of getting into Stanford?

I am absolutely intrigued by Stanford University because it has tremendous student diversity and is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. I understand that Stanford is reputed for accepting applicants that truly have a passion and have out-of-the-box extra-curriculars (activities that are tremendously unique that define you as a person). My passion lies in innovation, the human body, and engineering.

My dream is to pursue a major in Biomedical Computation at Stanford and possibly attend medical school in the future to specialize in anesthesiology.

Note: I’ve posted this on College Confidential and have failed to receive the best advice. 🙁

Voila, my stats:

I attend a very competitive top ranked feeder public school in California.

GPA: 4.5 W 3.5 UW (Junior Year 1st Semester – took 5 APs and 1 Hnrs)
SAT: 2130 (retesting in March)
SAT 2: Math 2-790 (taking Biology M and USH this June)
Extracurriculars (these I believe, are the strength of my application): Varsity Tennis (4 years) – Captain this year; Guild Piano International Social Diploma holder; State finalist Destination Imagination; Tournament of Champions qualifier and Varsity Congressional Debate debater (many awards and finalist trophies); 1st place County Science Fair with scholarship (state qualifier); piano teacher; management job at start-up music company; co-founded 501(c)(3) tax-exempt micro-philanthropic non-profit organization for neuroimmune disorder (unique organization but won’t give details here) ; president/founder of Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter; partnered with dermatological manufacturer to sell novel solution for herbal acne remedy (provisional patent); school audition-only chamber choir (2 yrs), founder of Special Education reading program for autistic youth at nearby elementary school; ambassador for environmental management firm; about 300 volunteer hours; cancer researcher studying novel method using telomeres at non-profit biotech company; Stanford neuroimmunology intern with PhD professor – published novel scale to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder in the arts (similar to renowned Myers-Briggs); recipient of city Outstanding Teenage Citizen Award by community Parks and Services Department, received environmental management scholarship from environmental engineering firm, received Discus Award for All-Around Students; California SuperTeen Award; National Merit Semifinalist (Finalist announcements still pending)

I’m currently a junior. During summer, I will be going abroad to complete a hospital internship with an MD in carotid endarterectomy. I will also be submitting an abstract to and attending the 2013 HCEA SfN Medical Conference (5th largest medical conference in the world).

Do my chances look good? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Which parts of my application particularly stand out to you and are Stanford-worthy?

If you got into Stanford or any other splendid college/university, please add some advice with some stats and graduating class!

Thanks, I really appreciate your help. 🙂

admin answers:

Yeah that SAT score needs working on, but your other credentials seem good. Work hard and best of luck!

Mark asks…

Are you checking out the commericals at the US Open tennis matches?

The tournament of champions of the „double stuff oreo cookies and a glass of milk“ between the Manning brothers and the Williams sisters. Who do you think will win????????

admin answers:

Probably Venus & Serena, but it’s a commercial, so I don’t take it too seriously. Sharapova had an interesting commercial where people where asking for a photo, but instead of getting her picture, they were more interested in her dog.

Michael asks…

How to study for the World Scholar’s Cup?

Me and my team just signed up for the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) 2013. This year, you need to do your own research as they give you guidelines on how to do research and there are no resources. My teammates and I have only a month to study for WSC so how do we study efficiently for WSC. We want to go to the Tournament of Champions this year so any help will be appreciated. 🙂

admin answers:

Hey,I also participated in a regional round of the WSC.
What my team did was to divide all the topics among us.
You all could sit together and discuss the topics too.
I wrote all the important points regarding the topic.
And yeah try to focus more on debating.
It ain’t very hard and you could get selected for the Global round quite easily.

Hope it helps you. 🙂

George asks…

How many games are in an 8 team double elimination tournament?

I’m trying to set up a baseball tournament in my area. I’m trying to figure out how much to pay an umpire per game. Someone please answer.

admin answers:

You have 14 or 15 games.
If the champion is undefeated then the other 7 teams each lost twice so 2 x 7 = 14.
If the champion lost once then you add 1 to 14 to get 15.

Linda asks…

Who would win in this Tournament of NBA Champions and Runners up?

Who would win in this Tournament of NBA Champions and Runners up?

This is the last time I will post this question its just that I would really love to hear your opinions. WHo would win in this bracket of champions and runners up in the last 20 years. These are nba champion and runners up at there RECENT BEST : )

1. Boston Celtics- 66-16 2007-2008 CHAMPIONS– GARNETT, ALLEN,PIERCE 2.Chicago Bulls- 62-20 1997-1998 CHAMPIONS– JORDAN, PIPPEN,RODMAN
3. Orlando Magic- 59-23 2008-2009 RUNNERS UP- HOWARD
4. Miami Heat- 46-20 2011-2012 CHAMPIONS– LEBRON, BOSH, WADE
5. Indiana Pacer 56-26 1999-2000 RUNNERS UP- MILLER, JACKSON, SMITS, ROSE
6. Philadelphia 76ers- 56-26 2000-2001- RUNNERS UP- IVERSON
8. New Jersey Nets- 49-33 2002-2003- RUNNERS UP- KIDD MARTIN

1. Seattle Sonics- 64-18 1996-1997 RUNNERS UP- KEMP,PAYTON,HAWKINS, DETLEF
2. Phoenix Suns – 62-20 1992-1993 RUNNERS UP- BARKLEY & COMPANY
3. Utah Jazz- 62-20 1997-1998 RUNNERS UP- MALONE, STOCKTON
4. San Antonio Spurs- 59-23 2004-2005 NBA CHAMPIONS– TIM, TONY & MANU
5. Oklahoma City Thunder- 47-19 71.2% 2011-2012 RUNNERS UP- DURANT,WESTBROOK & HARDEN
6. Dallas Mavericks- 57-25 69.5% 2010-2011 CHAMPIONS– DIRK, KIDD, CHANDLER & TERRY
7. Los Angeles Lakers- 56-26 2001-2002 NBA CHAMPIONS– SHAQ, KOBE (15-1 IN POSTSEASON)
8. Houston Rockets- 47-35 1994-1995 CHAMPIONS– HAKEEM, SMITH, HORRY & ELIE

admin answers:

Celtics 4-0
Chicago 4-3
Philly 4-0
Miami 4-0
Rockets 4-2
Lakers 4-1
Utah 4-3
Spurs 4-0
2nd rnd
Miami 4-3
Chicago 4-1
spurs 4-2
Lakers 4-0

Conference finals
Chicago 4-3
lakers 4-2

chicago 4-3

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