Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

David asks…

What is the best way to lvl a pokemon to become strong?

Should I just level the pokemon and have it hold the macho brace? or is there some other way to make it become a stronger pokemon?

admin answers:

Whenever a pokemon faints an enemy, it is given a hidden stat called an Effort Value. These are based on the pokemon you are fighting. The macro brace, doubles these incoming effort values. The Pokerus virus also doubles incoming effort values.

For a more extensive explanation, see the link in my sources.

Additionally, specific natures, increase certain stats.

Carol asks…

in pokemon how does the macho brace work?

if am fighting a pokemon that gives me a 1 point in attack and am using macho brace with pokrus how much do i get?

admin answers:

You get 4.
1 original, the Pokerus doubles that, which is 2 and the macho brace doubles that giving you 4.
Video goes into this deeper.

Mary asks…

Pokemon white: Do evs double (if the attacker is holding a macho brace) to a pokemon holding an exp share?

Okay so I want to ev train my abra in special attack, so at the Celestial tower I gave it an exp share, but was wondering; My first pokemon has a macho brace, so do the evs double for both the pokemon? like the abra, too? Thanks

admin answers:

No, evs are only doubled for the pokemon holding the macho brace. Also, The pokemon you want to ev train must participate in the battle ( it must be sent out).

If you want to ev train fast i suggest you do the following. Go and get the Power items ( i.e power lens for special attack) and attach it to abra. Then give abra pokerus, both these things will double the amount of evs you get.

I am assuming you know how many evs certain pokemon give per battle.

If you were to fight an elgylem the number of evs you would obtain from one battle would be

(1 + 4) * 2 = 10 evs

all the power items can be bought at gear station in nimbasa city.

Betty asks…

Pokemon: Which is better the macho brace or the other EV enhancing items?

I will give ten points to best opinion!

admin answers:

The Macho Brace is okay but the Power Items are much better. If you battle a Magikarp, your pokemon will receive 1 speed EV. If your pokemon is holding the Macho Brace and battles a Magikarp, it will receive 2 speed EVs. If your pokemon is holding the Power Anklet and battles a Magikarp, it will receive 5 speed EVs. It your pokemon is holding the Power Anklet and battles a Magikarp AND has the Pokerus, it will receive 10 speed EVs. (The Power Anklet only gives speed EVs. Use the other Power Items for other EVs.) So as you can see, the Macho Brace will cut EV training time in half, but the Power Items will cut EV training time by 80%! Add the Pokerus and EV training time is cut by 90%!

Helen asks…

Do i get less ev points if i dont use macho brace or other „power items“ on pokemon?

Also is the effect of the macho brace temporary?and which ones should i one on my scyther? and on a Gastly…….. Thanx!!! 5 stars who ever answers this first
Ok but is the speed decrease and stuff temporary? and btw if i train witout pokerus and macobrace/ power items do i have a chance to get where pkrs and the items get me ?

admin answers:

Yes you do get less EV points if you don’t use macho brace /power items. Macho brace doubles all the EV points you get, and it stacks with pokerus, so if you have pokerus and macho brace, you would get 4x more EVs. If you had no pokerus and just macho brace, you would have 2x more EV. The power items is a whole lot faster than macho brace. It gives 4 EVs into the specified stat in addition to the EVs already acquired. So you can EV train two stats simultaneously or EV train one stat a lot faster. The power items can also be stacked with pokerus, so you can get 2x more EVs you already had from the power items and normal. So if you had like a power item for attack and killed a pokemon that gives 3 attack EVs, you would get 14 attack EVs with pokerus, or 7 without.

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