Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Michael asks…

Is it possible to unlock a phone that you bought/came with a contract tariff plan?

If i buy a phone on a pay monthly contract from t-mobile shop on t-mobile network, will i be able to get the phone unlocked so that i can use another pay monthly sim on a different network?
What about before the contract is discharged?

admin answers:

Yes you can. Once the contract is discharged, the phone is yours, not theirs.

Paul asks…

If I unlock a phone in the UK, can I then use it on any network in other countries?

I have a phone which is locked to a provider in the UK, but I would like to use it with a Norwegian SIM card. Will it work if I go and have the phone unlocked somewhere – even if it is not just for use in the UK?

admin answers:

Yes, once a phone is unlocked you can use it with other SIM cards. Tried it with my phone and so far, all SIM cards worked.

Mark asks…

Can I buy any phone and get it unlocked and use it with my sprint service?

I have a motorola razer phone with sprint service but sprint has crummy phones that are expensive as well. If I get like a t-moble sidekick or any other would my sprint service continue to work if I got the phone unlocked.

admin answers:

You can’t use unlocked phones with Sprint. Unlocked only refers to GSM and iDEN phones, meaning they can accept a sim card from any compatible provider. Sprint’s phones and network are CDMA, which doesn’t use sim cards. They are completely different technologies and are not compatible with each other. Sprint will also not activate a non-Sprint CDMA phone, since it’s ESN number will not be in Sprint’s database of their phones.

Betty asks…

Why do some networks charge more for a phone than others?

I’ve been looking through some phone catalogues, and some networks seem to charge more for the same phone than others, vodafone especially seem to charge more. Why is this, and can you still get the phone unlocked and change network afterwards?
I’m talking about a prepay phone, so plans don’t apply. Also, I’m only talking about unlocking the phone after I buy it.

admin answers:

Different networks have different deals with manufacturers which means that some networks have to pay more for certain handsets than others hence the difference in price.

Steven asks…

Since Docomo phones will be sold unlocked in April 2011, would they work in Australia?

Exactly as the question states.

Last year, at around July, Docomo phone company announced that it would start selling all phones unlocked starting April 2011.
Would these phones work in Australia with Optus, Vodafone, 3, or Virgin SIM cards?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Actually I believe you are correct. According to my source, Docomo’s unlocking of all their cellphones will allow users to simply swap the SIM card and use it with another carrier. However, I have no idea if all the features will function. You may consider though, that currently if you buy a hyper SIM card they unlock most features of the cell SO when they unlock their phones… Most likely the majority, if not all, features should work.

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