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Paul asks…

What is the cheapest tournament successful deck i can make for yugioh?

I have a macro monarch deck which cost me 80 dollars to make, but now my bro wants to play and he only has 40 dollars to spend. is there anyway he can make a good deck with this amount of money> If you answer this question please provide a link with a deck list or supply the decklist within this message. thank you so much!

admin answers:

I get all of my cards from this website, it has great prices.
There is a code at the top of the page for a discount, and the codes change. If you wait until Easter the discount might go up.


Donald asks…

How many people should be in the money for a 15 people poker tournament?

Hi, i am having a $200 buy-in poker tournament and currently i’m not sure the amount of players. It really depends on who pays.

I need some recommendations on the number of players who should be in the money for a 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 player tourney.

Also, what do you recommend the percentage payout should be?


admin answers:

Here is a link to a site that gives out a lot of great information about hosting a home tourney.


That page lists some suggestions for payout levels for tourneys, but check around the site for more info that may help you out.

Good luck with the tourney.

Laura asks…

what was the name of the movie that featured a mario world tournament?

I cannot remember the name of this movie for the life of me. I believe the film was made sometime in the mid to late 80’s or possibly even the very early 90’s. The film featured a few teenagers (one specifically who was great at video games) traveling to a video game tournament. I believe the main game that they were playing was mario world. any idea what film this could be?

admin answers:

The year was 1989. The movie was „The Wizard“ starring a young Fred Savage. The game was Super Mario Bros. 3, making it’s worldwide debut on the big screen.

See link below to refresh your memory.

William asks…

Do you thinkg that there should be a World Tennis Championships tournament?

Like what they have for boxers. It could be a pretty big tournament too.

admin answers:

Well good question but in Tennis we already have team events like Davis cup Fed Cup and Hop man cup Especially the Davis Cup and Fed cup they are the tennis versions of World championships. Some info about these events below.

1- Davis Cup, For the mens we have the Davis Cup , its the most important international mens tennis team event.

It first began in 1900 the first event was between USA and Britain.

The event is played annually on a knock out basis, in total there are 16 teams in the world group, and 137 countries in total.

Its played to determine the winner of the most prestigious tennis team event and naturally reflects the depth of tennis in a country, as Ties are played on home and away basis and played on different surfaces so you need a strong team.

In every Tie, there are 5 points 2 in singles, 1 in doubles and then 2 more in reverse singles. A team needs to win at least 3 of the 5 points to win a tie.

So you can say that its equivalent to, or the De-Facto Mens Tennis version of World team championship.

2- Also for the ladies we have the Fed cup which works almost like the Davis Cup, Fed cup began in 1963

3- There is Also the Hop man cup, a mixed gender team tennis team event, it was launched in 1989 and its held in Australia annually.

4- Also in Januaray 2009 the World Team Challenge will be launched, Its surely a good idea as the event will feature four teams of three players each the teams are Europe, Russia the Americas and Asia Pacific region. Teams will compete in both singles and doubles matches

See the links below for more information,19528,12110_4264986,00.html

Sandra asks…

How do you join as a team so you can attend tournaments?

In Vermont, a group of U17 girls soccer players have come together with the help of us parents to create a traveling team so they can go to a few tournaments this spring. How do we register as a team to receive player cards and insurance to be able to register for tournaments? Please provide links if helpful. Thanks!

admin answers:

In massachusetts there are two leagues. MAPLE:mass premeire soccer league
and MASC:mass soccer clubs
try googling what your vermont soccer leagues are

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