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Helen asks…

What dog food has the highest protien and is best for your dog?

I want to beef up my Pitbull any suggestions? She is a bully

admin answers:

I feed my dogs Orijen Regional Red which is 38% protein. I don’t feed it for the protein level though. I feed it because the food is 75% meat and all ingredients put into it are passed fit for human consumption. Plus my dogs love it and are thriving on it. Unused protein in a dog’s system is simply released though due to the work of the kidneys.

Sharon asks…

Are pitbulls not allowed on military housing?

I really really want a pitbull puppy but my husband said we couldn’t live on base then..we are getting stationed in Alaska do they allow pitbulls on fort wainwright?

admin answers:

Nope, all branches passed the ban back in I think 2009. There’s other dogs on the list as well depending on your branch of service. The only way around it is if you lived on post prior to 2009, remained at the same post, you were grandfathered in…but if you pcs, no more dog.

Had to do with insurance issues.

Add: official list:

U.S. ArmyUniform policyBans: pit bulls, bull terriers, rottweilers, dobermans, chows and wolf hybrids.
All bases (40+)

Note some bases have even more restrictions- Akitas, staffs, and American bulldogs are banned on certain posts, including army ones. You can look up what the restrictions are for on the bases website under housing

Mandy asks…

Do people look at pibull owners different?

I’m an animal lover and really like dogs. My girlfriend wants to get a dog, and I want a pitbull. Pitbulls are extremely intelligent and dedicated to their owner (if trained properly) She doesn’t want a pitbull or a rotweiller. I dont want a rotweiller either, but I really think pitbulls are beautiful animals. She said she wouldn’t mind a bulldog. I wouldn’t want to get a dog that she didn’t approve of, although she too is an animal lover, and I know if I brought home any dog, it would be cute and special. What should I do?

admin answers:

Maybe you could ask her about fostering a Pit Bull puppy from a rescue org. Or something for just a few weeks. If anything, the pup will win her over and you will end up adopting the breed you want. I know if she was around the breed, even to foster for a short time an adult, she would see what a great breed it was and be HOOKED on the breed.
That happened to me. I was wary of the breed at first because I had seen people who owned dogs that I knew they fought. I had the common misconception it was the dog breed that was dangerous though these dogs were not aggressive acting towards people. Then I fostered a 2 1/2 week old that turned 2 1/2 yrs old in March. That is when I learned what an amazing breed APBT’s are! I couldn’t imagine her not being part of our family! She has the best personality of any dog I have ever owned.
When people first see us, they either like the dog right away or they are fearful without reason. Then we are friendly to them and ask them if they’d like to pet her. They don’t usually even think about it the first few times in passing, but now the complex is won over and people who have feared dogs in GENERAL even pet her now.
So it’s sad some are afraid of what they do not know and I think your girlfriend would just be so in love with the breed if you got one to foster and she could see what they are like.

Mark asks…

Are Rottweilers and German Shepherds good dogs to have?

I have a few enemies, who dislike me for no real reason, who sometimes come to my house at night and vandalize my home, I’m looking for a dog that can alert me when people pass by and possibly help me catch these people, i’m always asleep when they come by, I live in a small city in Colorado.
I don’t want to get a house alarm because they are really expensive.
And they don’t do anything to my house, more like the stuff around my house like cars and bikes.

admin answers:

Go with a rotti or a doberman, these dogs are gaurd dog, nd can be trained to be good at it too. Make sure you post be ware of the dog signs all over so that the police sees that they still went into your property after seeing the warning signs because they can sue yoo if they get bitten by the dogs. So its best to let them know that there is a dog and it will attack. I have a pitbull terrier and somehow he is very protective of my home and me, he learned this from my poodle lol

Ken asks…

What causes a man to kill his family?

In my local news I seen a man had shot his wife, two young daughters, and the baby died in the fire after he set the house ablaze. He later shot himself.
Does anyone know what can cause a person to do something like this? What would a criminal profiler have to say? Is it something like the stereotypical pitbull that will just one day flip out and become a killer or do they show signs all along?

admin answers:

I am not sure there is a logical answer that can be provided for an illogical crime such as this. It goes beyond anything most of us normal folks can conjure in our minds.

But I do know a little about what the Bible has to say about some willful killers.

Why did Cain kill his brother Able (family member)? Because he was jealous! Jealousy ate him up inside because God approved of Abel’s sacrifice and not his. Could a man these days be so jealous of his wife that he could kill? What if she is having an affair? Under these circumstances it has happened countless times, even with their children being killed.

Why did King David of Israel have the husband of his mistress killed? She was pregnant and at that time the Israelite law was to have adulterers executed. It was a BIG deal to have sex with another person’s mate. King David was trying to conceal the fact that he had gotten Bathsheba pregnant and after Uriah was killed, he married her. Fear of death is what prompted David to do his dastardly deed.

Could a man snap if he found out his wife was pregnant from another man in this day and age? Oh, yes indeed! He may kill his wife and then his kids out of rage.

The taking of any human life, other than for lawful reasons, is WRONG. We live in a society where it sadly happens all the time. But take courage, there are better days ahead. I am going to quote you my favorite scripture from the Bible which is found at Rev. 21:3,4:

„With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

Yes, death will be no more!!! Hurry please!

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