Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Betty asks…

How to get yellowish deodarant stains off teal sweater.?

I have a Betsey Johnson sweater and I just noticed that it has noticeable yellow deodarant stains, the sweater is a teal color. And I’m not really sure what the material is but I’m guessing it’s just cotton. It has beautiful designs on it and I’m scared if I try to wash it in the washing machine that it will ruin it. Are there any remedies I can use on it that will get rid of the deodarant stains but I can do by hand?

admin answers:

My favorite thing to use for this is Soilove.

It comes in a bottle that dispenses quickly. I always put it in a spray bottle so that I can use less of it to get the job done.

Nancy asks…

What is your signature piece of clothing?

Everyday, I wear a different Betsey Johnson dress everyday. To school, shopping, going with friends, everywhere!

Except maybe I wear shorts and a tanktop to go to the gym.

admin answers:

Corset top
I want boots

John asks…

Where can i buy rings to attach to my bikini bottom?

I bought a really expensive betsey johnson bikini online but the bottom is super tight on me and sinks on my hips..Where can i buy good quality rings so i can sew them onto the bikini?

admin answers:

Maybe if you got rubber rings (o rings) from menards or another store like it. They would give you a bit of extra room w/o being heavy, they have ‚give‘ and would move with you. They are durable, i have used them for other things.

Lisa asks…

What are some websites or brands for high end alternative fashion?

I looking for brands like Black Milk, Betsey Johnson, and Jeffrey Campbell.

admin answers:

Feel the ecstasy of your online shopping experience at The official PUMA online shop provides the largest selection of PUMA products available. Its products blend sports, lifestyle and fashion into the pulse of PUMA brand.

Paul asks…

Do all betsey johnson purses go on sale at some point?

after a while most things go on sale, do most of the betsey johnson purses?

admin answers:

Yes, the ones that dont sell go on sale eventually. But take it from me a HUGE betsey fan, buy itnow because you dont know if it will sell out

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