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Sharon asks…

Jehovah’s witnesses, How is living forever on paradise earth not immortality?

When Jesus was sacrificed for the sins of the world, death was swallowed up in victory. He said that those who believe in Him and live will never die.
I recently found out that you believe that you will be a mortal on paradise earth but that it is still possible that you could die. Can you explain this to me?
Isn’t the very definition of immortality, never dying?
What did Jesus mean when He said believers would never die? He also said He gives them eternal life.

admin answers:

Reading the answers and all I can say is.. You have GOT to be kidding me. This is the most unBiblical bunch of answers I have read today. Of course, these are also the only answers I have read so far today.

Time and again in the Bible we are told that the believer has everlasting life. We are also told that we shall not come into condemnation but have passed from death to life and are sitting in the heavenlies. Anything that disagrees with these truths is a lie from the devil himself. Sadly, too many people fall for and believe his lies over the glorious truths of the Bible.

News flash, if you have everlasting life and can lose it, then what you had was not everlasting life.

Betty asks…

How can people believe that God exists if they never saw?

I don’t want to offend anyone but how can you/they (citizens/humans) believe in a God that they actually never saw as a person or in reality?

Do I believe someone’s watching me from the above? Not really.

Is there hell and paradise? That’s just story for the kids to enjoy, in my opinion.

Please note, if I hurt someone’s feeling I am sorry but it’s something I wonder why.

admin answers:

Please read my words carefully:
If you see footmark in the sand, you’ll say that someone passed from here…
If you see a piece of dog sh*t on the ground, you’ll say that a dog passed from here…
So what about the enormous universe, the sky, stars, planets, earth and all the beauty in it, doesn’t it lead to that someone made it?!!!

Some people say that everything is created by itself after the big-bang… I won’t ask you about what caused the big-bang, but I’ll ask you a simple question:
If you take all the letters of the alphabet, multiples of them, and you threw them randomly on the floor. Do you expect (by a chance of one in infinity) to get a poem like shakespear’s??!!

Can’t you see how organized our universe is, the planets, the eco-system on earth, look even in your own body… Can you control your heart-beat? Can you control your breath while you’re sleeping? Who stopped your eye-lashes from growing after reaching a certain length? Who told the baby turtles to move towards the sea and not to the earth after they come out of their eggs? Who taught the bird how to make nests?

My friend, think with your heart and brain. If you’re still lost, think about the following:

Do you know how to play safe?
Non-believer’s case:
If there’s no God and you do all what you want in life, then nothing will happen to you after life. But if there was God and you were mistaken, then you’ll blame yourself FOREVER…

Believer’s case:
If there’s God and I followed His commands in life, then I’ll be in Heaven after life FOREVER. But if there was no God and we’re mistaken, then nothing bad will happen to us after life…

Now you know how to play-safe, in case you’re not convinced?

Ken asks…

Christians, I have heard that people who never hear the gospel and live good lives can go to heaven?

So what are the lower limits on this „free pass„?

If some poor native in the middle of nowhere minds his own business and lives a good live, and someone drives by and shouts „Jesus saves!“ from the car window, is that enough to spoil it for him? What if he got a brief two-line summary of your faith? A paragraph? A page? The entire Bible? Does it matter who delivers this message? What if an atheist described the gospel in sarcastic terms, would it still count?

admin answers:

1) Christians, I have heard that people who never hear the gospel and live good lives can go to heaven?
So what are the lower limits on this „free pass“?

Uncertain. We know, for example, that Moses and Elijah (and others from the Old Testament) are bound for eternal life in Paradise (assuming they are not there already – some believe that they are). However, there is no „bar“ provided in The Bible with which we can measure whether or not we have „succeeded“ in „earning“ forgiveness from God. Indeed – The Bible indicates that people *cannot* „earn“ a place in Heaven – it is impossible to do. How God determines who is worthy and who is not apart from faith is a piece of information not provided in The Bible.

Knowledge of Jesus alone is not sufficient to condemn someone who is not a believer to damnation. A person has to comprehend the gospel and then choose to reject it. Again, you are asking us for detailed information that The Bible does not provide. God has the answers to your questions – we don’t unless he tells us.


Thomas asks…

Is there really life after death? How many option do I have to choose from?

I am 62. I heard the average age of my country is 65. I am thinking seriously now of the option of life after death. I do not want to make the wrong choice. I also want to have a peaceful old age life before I pass into the next world, if any. Could you please help me and give me some hope. I am depress and quite desperate. I have difficulty sleeping thinking about this.

admin answers:

What happens after death is a question that has crossed everyone’s mind at one point or another.
I’m not sure if your a bible reader or not but the scriptures do give solid hope in reference to death.
Ecc 9:5 says that the dead are conscience of nothing at all. So when we die, we simply cease to exist.

However, God has provided a way for all of us to have the opportunity to benefit from a paradise-like earthly arrangement coming in the near future. John 5:28,29 speaks of a resurrection that will take place in a new world provided by God.

If you have the opportunity please read the 2 articles I have put below..Im positive it will be a source of comfort for you..

Http:// -Is Death Really The End?

Http:// – Just Ahead a Paradise Earth

Jenny asks…

How long were Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden before they disobeyed God?

Talk about the ultimate eviction notice? ( ^ _ ^ ) Man, that had to sucked. Going from paradise to living in the hood?

admin answers:

The Bible doesn’t say specifically, but we have a few clues.

First, God commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and fill the earth (Genesis 1:28)

Second, When Adam disobeyed God, he received the Curse of death. Physical death, therefore, passed on to all of Adam’s descendants (Romans 5:12).

It’s reasonable to assume that Adam fell before Eve conceived and bore her first child. Since God had commanded them to multiply, if the Fall had happened very long after the Creation, they certainly would have already had children.

Therefore, I believe it’s safe to say that Adam fell within the first few weeks or even days after the Creation.

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