Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Nancy asks…

mobile phone unlocked?

has anyone know if i buy mobile phone as pay you go online on carphone or another high street shops,they come unlock and i dont wanna lock because if i put the sim card it will lock. i am breaking any law if i dont put the sim in my mobile phone or sale it?

admin answers:

Some phones come locked some unlocked (i think is down to network)
putting sim in will not lock phone
is legal as a lot of small phone shops will unlock for you (for a price)

Susan asks…

Is my phone unlocked after the contract ends?

I have an HTC inspire 4G on AT&T and my contract ended a while ago and I upgraded to a new phone. I had a few questions.

Is my old phone (the HTC inspire) unlocked?
If it’s not how do I unlock it?
What does it mean to have an unlocked phone?
can I use the phone with other carriers in it’s current state?
Can I use the phone with AT&T in it’s current state?

admin answers:

Is my old phone (the HTC inspire) unlocked?
———— no. After the contract is over and your upgraded or left ATT, the phone remains locked. However, since the contract is over, simply call ATT 8003310500 to get the SUBSIDY DEVICE UNLOCK CODE AND INSTRUCTIONS… No charge…. They will verify the Inspire’s contract is done and give you the code and steps to unlock it

If it’s not how do I unlock it?
——— see above

What does it mean to have an unlocked phone?
———- any sim card on Earth will work in the phone… Hence the term— UNLOCKED… LOCKED phones only work with 1 sim card brand—for the wireless carrier its branded with… ATT phones with ATT sims… TMobile Phones with TMobie SIM…. Thats LOCKED….

Can I use the phone with other carriers in it’s current state?
———-locked??? Hell no!!!!!!!!!! It must be unlocked if you want to use it on other GSM carriers, like ATT/Tmobile/STraight Talk…… IT will NEVER work on Sprint/Verizon/Virgin/Cricket/Metro/Boost/Altell. They are CDMA carriers…. GSM and CDMA is oil and water… They never mix…. And never EVER will….

Can I use the phone with AT&T in it’s current state?
——— sure… More power to ya

Chris asks…

Unlocked Phones?

What exactly is an unlocked phone?

admin answers:

Basically, some phone companies fit their phones with locks- some become locked if you go outside a certain country (ie, they can only be used in one country) and some can only be used with certain sim cards (so if you wanted to use an O2 sim card in an orange phone, you couldn’t).

I guess an unlocked phone is one where the lock has been removed? So it may have been imported from another country or it could have been unlocked so you can use a different network sim card in it.

I *think* this is what it is!! Have a look on wikipedia 😉

Charles asks…

Question about unlocked phones.?

If i get an unlocked AT&T phone, can i use it on verizon wireless?

admin answers:

Sorry for a unlock phone to use on a another cell phone company, both have to use the same network.

A T&T phones uses GSM network which requires a sim card on the back of the phone. Verizon uses CDMA network and doesn’t use any sim cards.

So if you have a unlock A T&T phone then you can use that phone with T-Mobile since T-Mobile uses GSM network and requires a sim card as well.

Steven asks…

unlocked phones?

could someone be kind enough to explain what an unlocked phone is and how it works, is it like a pay as you go phone or what.

admin answers:

Unlocked phone means you can use it with a variety of cell companies.

Locked phones are usually only compatible with one cell provider and ususally some of the features put in by the manufacturer are disabled. For example, Verizon crippled the bluetooth capabilities in my morotola phone. It’s a locked phone.

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