Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

Daniel asks…

Why does some of my pokemon have the face and others pkrs?

When ever I’m spreading the virus, sometimes my pokemon would either get the smiley face next to the items held box, and others would get the purple pkrs sign under there name box. What’s the difference between the two and why do they only appear on certain pokemon I have… Differently

admin answers:

A pokemon can only get pokerus once. The face means they already got it in the past. The effects remain but it cannot be spread as the pokemon no longer has it.

John asks…

Can someone trade me a pokemon with pokerus?

So here the other day i got a pokemon with pokerus, and wanted it to spread and make a storage thing. But careless as i was i just left all my infected pokemon in my party and just clossed my ds. Now i dont have any infected pokemon.
Can someone please send me one?

admin answers:

Yes. Which generation? Send me a message. Although I cannot trade today.

Lizzie asks…

What does the pink face in pokemon mean?

Well I haven’t played my Black Version in a while and i end up looking at my party pokemon and they all had PokeRus and now they don’t have it and all they have is this pink little face symbol. what does it mean?

admin answers:

It means it no longer can spread the PokeRus. It still carries on the effects of the PokeRus but it can no longer spread it to other pokemon in your party.

Joseph asks…

How do i keep the Pokerus virus?

Okay so i just got it but how do i keep it and how do i spread it after keeping it?

admin answers:

You have to keep whatever Pokemon that have Pokerus together with other Pokemon in your party that don’t have it to spread it. Battling/walking spreads it, as far as I recall.

I believe, however, that an infected Pokemon loses the ability to spread it after spending a total 72 hours outside of a PC Box, while the Pokerus‘ effects and a smiley-face still remain.

So to keep the Pokerus, you place an infected Pokemon into the PC when you’re done with it, since that pauses (read: doesn’t reset) the 72-hour timer. That allows you to hold on to that Pokemon over a long-term period, spread it to other Pokemon for that same purpose, and never lose the ability to spread it.

Steven asks…

In Pokemon Ruby, my wurmple has Pokerus and my in game battery has run dry causing time events not to occur?

Ok, my wurmple has pokerus. I put it in a pc box to make sure it has it until I can ask this question. Does it use the in game clock to tell when the 24 hours are over? My ruby says that „the battery has run dry and that time based events will not occur“. Would this mean that my wurmple will never lose the ability to spread pokerus since time based events will not occur? Sorry if it sounds a bit confusing.

admin answers:


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