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Daniel asks…

How much money will i make with createspace?

I know there is a calculator, but what are the odds that people will buy my books, in the end, is it worth all that time of writing it?
So I can just type it out on Microsoft Word, and upload it straight to amazon eBooks?

admin answers:

If you’re only writing because you want to make a lot of money on createspace, you probably ought to put down that pen and keep surfing the web and playing Call of Duty or whatever. Most people who publish on createspace make less than twenty bucks.


Here’s some documentation:

I’m going to make a go at being an internet self-publishing success story, but it’s a long-term plan that includes a thirteen-volume series. And it’s not guaranteed that I’ll succeed. But I’d be writing even if I weren’t trying to make money, so I may as well try and get paid.

Carol asks…

Can an apprentice in the UK claim money for traveling or other expenses?

I moved to the UK a year ago after the German company I worked for in Ireland transferred me. But that job never came through and so I was left doing odd jobs here and there.
I’ve been offered an apprentice position. It’s a great opportunity and something I’ve always wanted to do.
I’m 20 and would get £100 per week for 40 hours work. I live close to the training centre in Milton Keynes (1 day training a week) but work would be in Bedford which would be 40 miles traveling per day, 4 days a week.
My boyfriend is in fulll- time work as a chef and could pay for the room we rent, 500£ a month. He knows how much I would love to do it and tries to support me but he’s got his own bills to pay as well.
I have my car insurance I need to pay for that comes to around 160£ a month. I am also studying part-time for which I have to pay my student loan back.
It’s a dream job for me but by the looks of it, if I can’t claim something or get some sort of government help, I just cannot afford to do it…

admin answers:

As an apprentice and studying only part time then you would be eligible for housing benefit and council tax reduction.

However since you are living with your boyfriend then you would have to make a joint claim and your boyfriend’s income would be taken into account.

You can put your details into the benefit calculator on to see if you are entitled to any help.

As regards travelling expenses re: your apprenticeship you could try asking your employer if they have any ‚grants‘ available for travelling expenses.

Charles asks…

What are the odds of matching 29 factors with another person?

admin answers:

1 in 536,870,912.

To find this I know there are 2 possible outcomes. Yes or No on whether the factor is matching. So I took (1/2)^29. (Or you can just type 2^29 into a calculator and put that under 1 since 1^29 is just 1.).

Chris asks…

How Do You Know Certain Equations Are Going to have Certain Graph Outcomes in Advanced Algebra?

I’m going to be tutoring Algebra for high schoolers, and it’s been a few years since I even looked at Algebra graphs, but after struggling with graphing an equation once, I remember a college math instructor telling me that without even plotting them, just by looking at certain equations, you know what kind of general shape they will have. For instance, some equations end up creating mirror image curves on the graph (say between the 2nd and 3rd quadrants) as well as other unusual shapes. Is there any person here who can either give me a breakdown of that or provide a useful link that will summarize those things? I would greatly apprecaite it. Thanks.

admin answers:

Look up „even functions“ and „odd functions.“
You know 2nd degree functions like f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c will be a parabola, and it opens up if a is positive, and down if a is negative. Look at the graphs of some cubics and you will see they always have at least 1 real root, and only a couple of different shapes. Graph x^3 and (x-1)x(x+1) to see what they look like. Again, the sign of the largest terms tells you where it stops and starts.

I agree… Spend a couple of hours with a graphing calculator, or Excel.

Sandra asks…

Is it safe to have my older rat and my new baby rat together yet?

I have had the older rat for about 3 months and i just got a baby rat a couple weeks ago. They are both boys and they play together and kind of wrestle. Is that okay or should i separate them a little longer?

admin answers:

The baby is at least 6 weeks old, right? If he is, it fine as long as you do proper introductions. In fact, it is generally easier to introduce adult males to young males(6-8 weeks old). The adults don’t see them as a threat to their alpha status. If he is younger than six weeks, then you need to keep them apart until he is six weeks old.

How to do introductions: &

You will also need to make sure the cage is big enough.
Cage calculator:

You should know that next time you get a rat, you are supposed to quarantine them for 3 weeks in a separate air space.

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