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Sandy asks…

What button do i click in game to enter my world of tanks tournament?

My tournament game is tommorow but i dont know what button to click to enter my tournament game. Do i click random battle, platoon, special battle or what. Need some answers quick

admin answers:

Check the tournament FAQ or the forums/messageboards of that tournament. As previously answered, many tournaments take place in a training room. You may have to join the right one on your own, or perhaps you will receive an invite into a certain training room shortly before the tournament starts.

Random and platoon battle most definitely are not the way to go. They just take you exactly there, into a random game.

It’s impossible to give you a definite answer if you don’t even tell which particular tournament you are asking about.

David asks…

What are some fun activities for adults at a softball tournament?

I am running a coed softball tournament and I need help with ideas of fun things to do for the adults other than a homerun derby or bat races. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

A 1-pitch game is always a good warmup. Actually I’ve played in entire 1 pitch tournaments before and had a blast.

You can do it a few different ways that I’ve seen. Opposing pitcher gets 1 pitch. A ball is a walk, everything else is either a hit or an out, including foul balls, which are strike three. You could also say you get one courtesy foul, that’s up to you.

Or you could pitch to your own team and no walks are allowed, every pitch is strike 3 so you gotta make contact regardless of where the pitch is. The pitcher is on your team so he’s not a fielder so if he/she touches a ball it’s an automatic out.

Betty asks…

How do I make a tournament chart for a tv show contest?

I’m losing my mind over this and I have no spreadsheet- whatever skills. I’ve looked up flow charts tournament charts and can’t find or figure out what I need. It would start out with 10 episodes on the left and 10 on the right. Between each 2 of the 10 it would narrow down to 1 and bc I start out with 10 when I narrow it down to 3 it just…. I can’t even finish I’m so frustrated. Help!

admin answers:

That’s because you need 8 or 16 for a normal tournament, can’t do 10.

If you have to do 10, then take the bottom 4 (or just randomly pick 4) and they go against each other first, take the 2 winners to join the other 6, so you’ve got 8, then proceed normally.

Linda asks…

how do i start a basketball tournament ? what are the proper steps?

i want to start a basketball tournament, open to certain ages but how would i go about doing so?

admin answers:

What up Usman C,

First i think you ve to figure out how many teams you want in your tournament and what are the qualification for the teams. (3 on 3, 5 on 5, etc. How many subs are allowed, etc.?)

Second you need to find a place to play your tournament- this will especially matter depending on the # of teams that you have.

Third- you have to figure out the details of your tournament- are their prizes- is their a cost to enter your team, what is the purpose of your tournament. This will enable you to advertise your tournament as well as to get some support- (perhaps some place will let you reserve their basketball courts for your tournament).

Good luck.


Ruth asks…

Is it illegal to host my own paintball tournament and gain money from it?

I am going to host my own paintball tournament and charge an admission fee and the winner will receive money. I am doing this on my own property and everyone will be parked on it. So I was wondering if this is against the law in any way? Since it’s not an official business or anything. It’s just teens doing it for fun. I live in texas.


admin answers:

Most cities (towns, etc) require a license or permit to have an event. It is called a „Single Event Permit“, where the basic information is included ( date, time, location). With it being on private property, you might want to check the Zoning Code for proximity to other homes, buildings, etc., as the paint balls can travel a fairly good distance. You also might be required to have liability insurance – also called „Single Event Insurance“ to protect yourself if anyone gets hurt. Have fun at your tournament.

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