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Sharon asks…

What is the best way to tour around Paris?

Suberban trains?Boats?OPen bus tour? How much it will cost and from where it will start?

admin answers:

My preferred way is with a guide book and a Metro pass because I tend to wander off the beaten path quite often, which isn’t really conducive to guided tours 🙂 I know not everyone likes to travel that way though.

In Paris, there’s SO much to see. If you don’t mind going off on your own you could try one of the Hop-on Hop-off bus tours. They’re especially a good value if the weather is nice because you can sit on the second level of the bus in the open and see a lot more of Paris. They’re usually somewhere between 20 and 30 Euros and included in the price is transportation to all all of the major sights and dialogue about each of them (as well as between each one). You get off at each location, go explore, and then get back on the bus. It allows for some flexibility but is still somewhat guided. You can start the tour at any of the sights the bus stops at, which means you don’t have to find your way through Paris to meet up with a tour.

I think a boat tour would be nice in addition to something in the city (bus or Metro) but I’ve never gone on a boat tour in Paris. I think a cruise on the Seine would be beautiful but I also think you would miss some pretty amazing things if that’s all you did.

Which ever one you end up choosing, bring along a guide book; don’t rely entirely on tour guides. I love the Rick Steves books and his Paris guide is well worth the money (buy it from Amazon though…it’s cheaper).

Enjoy your trip!

Susan asks…

How do you get back stage xfactor tour tickets?

Is there any way to get backstage passes for the x factor tour. I don’t know anyone that works with them or at the venue is there any other way to get them?

admin answers:

On the subject of backstage passes…..

One thing backstage passes are NOT SOLD at the box office or thru any
online ticket place like Ticketmaster. Or sold on any website for that matter.
You either have to be working with the band or the concert or know someone personally that is connected directly to the band or concert…or know a member of the band itself..

There are FOUR WAYS to get a backstage pass. From somebody that posted this information here on Yahoo Answers in the past. That is really knowledgeable
on this subject & some editing of my NYC experience on this.

You must KNOW someone connected with the band or tour, more like a relative that works for the band/concert/promoters. Or, if you are lucky have a friend or a neighbor that has a relative that works for the band or the promoters directly. Or somebody you personally knows that
works for the band or promoters directly that has these connections.

Be a news reporter. You would have to be one connected to your local newspaper or local TV/radio news team. Also, people that are internet news bloggers very rarely get these unless they are very well know in the news industry. I have seen a few teens that get a website
and claim they are a news blogger (Sorry, that just don’t cut it).
Also, the news people can’t just show up with their news crew and be let
in backstage. They have to arrange this in advance. Especially these days.

A local radio station will sometime have a backstage pass or two of the concert
and offer it as a promotional prize.
Either you have to be the 7th or 10th or 12th caller.
Or hope that the entry form you filled out gets picked out by the radio DJ or whoever they
have in a random drawing at the radio station.

Sometimes a person will have one and will sell it on EBAY online auction or Craigslist
and EXPECT to pay REALLY BIG DOLLARS (like hundreds or thousands) for one.
You have to be careful when buying these from these websites. Some people I have seen
that show up at a concert and pay $300.00 and more on one only to learn that
the backstage pass they bought is nothing but a laminated fake that someone made on
his home computer that security can easily spot.

Some of these backstage passes have bar codes or security strips on
them, depending on the agents and promoters.
On some concerts the promoters will give a backstage pass to a person. Sometime these backstage passes are not transferable. If the person is not the name on the ID code
on this backstage pass they could be in some trouble.

Those are the ONLY WAY you will get a backstage pass legally.

Thank the Lord for the copy & paste option on IExplorer so I don’t have to type the
above information again when people ask this question.

Donald asks…

How much do Warped Tour tickets usually run, approximatly?

I want to go to warped tour 2010 but i need to know approx how much money to save up. Or what have previous years ran?

admin answers:

Well if you buy a pre-sale ticket, its around 20-30 dollars. If you buy it closer to the date, then I think last year it was about 36. I would go with the pre-sale ticket because its cheaper and you don’t have to wait in line to get in(they act as a jump the line pass for getting into the venue ;]) At least thats what it was last year.

So maybe 40 dollars for admission and then Shirts are like 15-20 dollars, but thats if you wanna buy some merch. Food is separate also. I forgot how much that was. And if you buy water there or if you go through the gates, they take the caps. Idk why. Just put a cap or two in your pocket so you can put the bottle in a backpack instead of carrying it.

Betty asks…

How do you get meet and greet passes for the sytycd tour?

I’m going to tour and really want to meet the dancers. I know that they have meet and greets and I really wanted to go but have no idea where to get tickets. Do you ask the people at the venue before the show starts? Do you have to buy them? Thanks so much!!

admin answers:

Ask around when you get there. I got to see hannah montanna backstage but only after I asked like 20 ppl

Daniel asks…

Recommendations on a Western European tour company?

I am planning on traveling with my teenage daughter to a few European countries (Amsterdam, Paris, etc) and I am looking for recommendations for a safe (for us 2 ladies) and not too costly tour company. I’ve looked into Globus and Cosmos – any other recommendations?

admin answers:

I would recommend TravelToe, Rail Europe.
You can find these companies and more on

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