Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Charles asks…

Can you get foreign phones unlocked in the uk?

I found a really cool phone that i want, but it’s japanese and they don’t do it in the Uk. Can you get foreign phones unlocked to then work on a English Network?
Thanks x

admin answers:

I wouldn’t think that would be a problem,as all mobile phones sold in the u.k. Are foreign we do
not manufacture mobile phones.Go and have a word with a technician at Carphone Warehouse
they will put you right,o.k.bye-bye.D.

Paul asks…

can i upgrade android playstore on unlocked phone?

So I got my phone unlocked today and was trying to re-install some apps.
When i tried to use my android market (Playstore) it said I had to upgrade it to Google Play.

Am I allowed to upgrade the market? If not, is there a way to download apps without using the market?

admin answers:

You are allowed to upgrade to google play, its just the new app store for android devices and you can download applications through the internet, just be careful what and where you download from because believe it or not, your phone can get a virus. To download from the web you got to go to settings and i think it’s applications and allow download from internet sources and then go to 4shared, that’s what i use sometimes, and type the name of the app with .apk after it. (Not for sure if it’s .apk but its something like that)

Helen asks…

Can i unlock a phone that is currently still on contract?

I have a sony ericsson w995 its on o2 but i want the phone unlocking. Will this work?

admin answers:

I have T-Mobile my contract phone is unlock by T-mobile. I called them and told them I was going on vacation and needed it unlocked for world use. They walked me through it for FREE. But you do need to call from a another phone and they will only unlock for customers and only one phone every 90 days.
Also only T-Mobile and AT&T phone’s can be unlocked.

Michael asks…

Can I activate a unlocked verizon blackberry with verizon?

I lost my phone so my friend is giving me her verizon blackberry, thing is she has a plan with at&t and the phone was a gift so she got the verizon phone unlocked so she could activate it with at&t. I have a plan with verizon. The phone asks for a sim card but verizon doesn’t do sim cards. My question is can I still activate this phone with verizon even though its been unlocked. HELP!

admin answers:

Can you guys/gals read?

The phone is a VERIZON phone that has been unlocked (so it’s a Bold 9650 or a Storm 9530/50).

Yes you can use the Verizon CDMA device with Verizon on their CDMA network.

William asks…

Queens and Kings of phones, help is needed with taking my Phone abroad?

I’m planning to take my doro phone (primus) abroad ,yet, i have 3 concerns:
-will i use the same phone # abroad?
-Is taking the SIM out would make my phone unlocked?
-best way to avoid roaming charges?

admin answers:

It really does not matter what phone you take abroad it will be a paper weight when you get there. Buying new Sims cards does not help either. The only thing I found that works so that You can make and receive calls without the expense of roaming – if it will work at all, is down load the app VIBER. Then your phone turns into a VIoP, and will work.

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