Your Questions About Pokerus Black And White

Lisa asks…

Pokemon Black and White owners with an action replay, I request your assistance.?

If you have an action replay and pokemon black or white, I would really appreciate it if you were willing to send me a pokemon with pokerus. EV training is very tedious without it. Just answer with your in-game name, your friend code, and a time to trade. My IGN is Ricky, my friend code 4255-9178-7507. Thanks.

admin answers:

I have POkemon with Pokerus and I didn’t need to cheat to get it. I’ll trade you a POkerus infected Pokemon, but my price is a Leaf Stone. Message me if you want to trade. Be sure to include your timezone.

James asks…

Looking to trade for a pokerus pokemon in Black/White 2?

I’m looking for a pokemon with pokerus, anything i don’t mind and ill trade you anything i have, although i don’t have a lot. leave a comment if you wanna trade pokemon and ill get in touch. my fc is

admin answers:

Check on There are a lot of players there. I’m sure someone there has it.

Charles asks…

Can someone trade me a Breloom in Pokemon Black/White?

That would be great Chrono. I will message you.

admin answers:

I have one. PM me if you want it.

Edit: Since you’re the same guy who asked for the Pokerus, I can infect Breloom if you want?

Robert asks…

Does anyone have a celebi to trade for my level 100 samurott?

my fc: Leelan 0647 5344 6911 i am willing to trade my level 100 Samurott male for any celebi( must be legit not hacked)

admin answers:

I have a legit Celebi, but I do not have a black or white version yet. I will be getting one around early May, and if you wait for me, you will have a Celebi WITH POKERUS! (pokerus doubles all EVs a Pokemon gets, and the effect will spread, but it cannot spread if it wore off by midnight. Pokerus will not go away if the pokemon is stored in the PC. Even if the pokerus goes away, the EVs will still double). I obtained the Pokerus wihtout hacking, so this Celebi has not been hacked.
I hope we can trade!

Helen asks…

Pokemon white our black trade someone with pokerus?

Anyone have any Potemkin with pokerus so I can spread to my Pokemon

admin answers:


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