Your Questions About Pokerus Pokemon Black

Michael asks…

Can a starter pokemon get pokerus in black?

I received a pokemon in a trade with pokerus. I let the virus spread to all my other pokemon including my starter, tepig. All of my pokemon say they have pokerus and they all get boosted xp. My tepig says it has it but it does not get boosted xp. Should I just keep trying to spread it to tepig?

admin answers:

As far as I know, any Pokemon can get Pokerus, and any Pokemon can be shiny, including legendaries. This ALSO means that a Pokemon can be both shiny AND have Pokerus. It’s extremely rare, though. Also, Pokerus doesn’t give bonus XP-It gives double EVs. Oh, and for the other guy, *uck you. Hope this helps 🙂

Jenny asks…

Does anyone have a female Dratini with the Dream World ability and wants to trade?

I have Pokemon Black 2. I don’t have many rare pokemon, but I have a DW magikarp and most items. If you are interested please email me at I also have the pokerus

admin answers:

I do and I will trade u, what do u have to offer back? What level female dratini did u want? Mine is fully EV trained already and has max IVs, it is also shiny

John asks…

Please trade me a pokerus virus pokemon in pokemon black 2?

I want a pokerus infected pokemon, I did have one but I was too stupid to do anything with it and before I knew it, it disappeared. Please please please TT_TT

friend code
Chiharu: 0774 – 4549 – 5898

admin answers:

Here’s one:

Go here to learn how to get it:

If you’re having trouble, message me.

Ken asks…

Would anyone be willing to trade me a Pokemon with pokerus?

I would like to start ev training in gen 4 and I need a Pokemon with pokerus.

admin answers:

I have an infected pokemon. I can trade you it. I have black. PLease leave your FC if u wnt it. All i want is a lvl 1 abra. Thanks.

Carol asks…

Can someone trade me the pokerus virus Pokemon white?

Can someone trade me the pokerus virus Pokemon white?

(still live)

4041 3178 2976
iam on but i dont know your e-mail

admin answers:

Just e-mail me when your ready.
Any pokemon is fine
I’ll be on at 7:pm central time so be ready before then ok

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