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Chris asks…

Is there a tournament for soccer club teams from different continents?

In other words, do european champions play champions from the americas or asia, like a „world cup“ for club teams? If not, are there any plans for something like this?

admin answers:

The first Fifa Club World Cup took place in 2000. Champion Corinthians from Brazil, defeating Vasco da Gama from Brazil. The Second in 2005. Champion Sao Paulo from Brazil defeating Liverpool from England. And the most recent 2006. Champion Internacional de Porto Alegre from Brazil defeating Barcelona from Spain.

Helen asks…

How do football clubs manage so many different tournaments?

How does a single team play the English Premier League, The UEAFA Champions League and Europa League etc in one season. Suppose we are talking of an english club! How do they manage the schedule? Isn’t there a clash of dates? And do they use the same players?

admin answers:

In English Football there are 25 players on each team that available for one season registration and each team only required to field 11 players plus 5 subs on each match. The manager can do rotation with 25 players and can register different players or same players on either UEFA Champions League or Europa League. They have certain rules you need to know, especially about the „home ground players“. Clash of dates won’t happened because when it happens, the Football Association will simply reschedule the fixture to another date.

There is another way to understand this. Play Football Manager and you will know the answer instantly. It’s fun and easy game to learn and play.

Ruth asks…

All professional soccer fans out there help?

i recently just got into soccer and i have some friends at school who are always talking about it. by the way I’m talking about professional soccer ex. Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester united etc.. anyway they’re always talking about different leagues and tournaments like the champions league a things like that. now I’ve tried to understand some of it but I’m just not getting it all. is there like a website or some where that i can learn all of this? any help would be great!

admin answers:

Champions League:
Premier League:,,12306,00.html
La Liga:

I personally use for all my info. Now lets break it down a bit. The Champions League is the biggest club competition in Europe (consisting of all teams in Europe. Mostly English, Spanish, Italian, French and recently Russian etc. La Liga is a Spanish League (Spain.) Premier League (England) Serie A (Italy).

Betty asks…

How does the UEFA Champions League tournament system work (in simple terms)?

I understand how the league works but not the tournament system. I need to do a project on it however I cannot explain the tournament system in simple terms please help?

admin answers:

Total of 32 teams compete.
They are separated to 8 groups with 4 teams of different leagues on each. In each group, one team, lets say your favorite team, competes with the rest three teams, 3 home and 3 on away ground. 2 teams of 1 and 2 positions are qualified from each group.

Then, total of 16 teams enter the knockout stage called Round of 16. After a month break, In this round, Champions league draw gets to decide which team plays against which one. The team plays the same opponent twice. 1 home and 1 away.

After this 8 teams enter the quarter finals. Then again CL draw takes place but all the way to the final. Then 4 teams on Semi-finals. And finally,


Daniel asks…

How many actual League Champions have won the Champions League?

Since it started, I’ve read that there have been more non-champions of their country winning the CL than true Champions? Anyone know of the actual number?

One other question….how many of the teams in this year’s last 16 are actually true Champions?

admin answers:

The 1997/98 tournament was the first to include non-champions.

These clubs have won the Champions League despite NOT winning their domestic league the previous season (aka they would not have had a shot at the trophy under the old system)
1998/99 Manchester United
1999/00 Real Madrid
2002/03 Milan
2004/05 Liverpool
2006/07 Milan

These clubs won the CL in the same manner those from the past had won it, by winning their domestic league one season and then lifting the European Cup the following year:
1997/98 Real Madrid
2000/01 Bayern München
2001/02 Real Madrid
2003/04 Porto
2005/06 Barcelona
2007/08 Manchester United

If you’re looking for clubs that won the CL and their domestic league in the SAME season (aka did the „double“ of league and Europe), here’s your list:
1998/99 Manchester United
2000/01 Bayern München
2003/04 Porto
2005/06 Barcelona
2007/08 Manchester United

List of this season’s 16 clubs:
Manchester United – English champions
Olympique Lyon – French champions
Bayern Munich – German champions
Inter Milan – Italian champions
FC Porto – Portuguese champions
Real Madrid – Spanish champions
Chelsea – finished 2nd in England
Roma – finished 2nd in Italy
Sporting – finished 2nd in Portugal
Villarreal – finished 2nd in Spain
Arsenal – finished 3rd in England
Panathinaikos – finished 3rd in Greece
Juventus – finished 3rd in Italy
Barcelona – finished 3rd in Spain
Liverpool – finished 4th in England
Atlético Madrid – finished 4th in Spain

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