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Laura asks…

Best video card, i3 2100, ipusb-cu H61, 6gb ram?

I am looking to buy a GPU for my desktop. I need something with dual monitor support (both displays are VGA and HDMI compatible). I play older games like Bioshock 1, Fallout New Vegas but wouldn’t mind being able to play newer games too.

I don’t mind spending money to get a better card, but I want to avoid getting something that is overkill for my system/needs. I would prefer not to upgrade my power supply if a decent card can be found within my power limits (250W), but I will upgrade if necessary.

My specs:
Processor: Intel i3 2100
Motherboard: IPISB-CU H61
Power Supply: Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev D7R, 250W

admin answers:

Your main problem IS the power supply – 250W means no reserves for any expansion. I recommend an Antec® Earthwatts® 650 Platinum™ for a system such as yours; it packs four independent +12VDC busses to feed the motherboard circuitry and CPU plus two six-pin PCI-Express plugs for video display adapters.

Asus® has PCI-Express x16 cards that meets your connection requirements in the HD6670-2GD3 (Advance Micro Devices® Radeon® HD™ 6670, 2 GB 128-bit DDR3-1800 video memory) and, provided that your system has a second vacant card slot alongside the PCI-e x16 slot, the GTX650-DC-1GD5 (nVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 650 with Asus® DirectCU® heatsink/fan, 1 GB 128-bit GDDR5-1250 video memory).

Joseph asks…

4-Pin power supply problem?

I was using a power supply that came from my computer (BESTEC ATX300 12E, 300Watts.) I tried to upgrade it to a new one (ULTRA XFINITY 600WATT ATX POWER SUPPLY.)
The motherboard requires a 20-pin connector, but this one is a 20+4, so I took the 4 off the plug (they were removable).

The plug of the 4-pin connector that goes from the power supply to the motherboard was different than the old one. I still tried to connect it (because by forcing a little the plug can go in in any way): but the computer didn’t turn on. When I unplugged ONLY this 4-pin, the computer started not completely (ex. CPU was turned on, but screen wasn’t, etc..).

When I put the other power supply back on, everything worked fine.

Would anyone know the problem? Thanks
Sorry a little correction: on the first sentence it’s not that came FROM my computer ,but it’s that came WITH my computer
Details for Jeffrey C:

I found a 6-pin connector (12 V) that looked like

o o o
o o o

I have checked and checked there is NO other 4-pin connector.
And the wires don’t have colors (they’re all gray)
Any help? Thx

admin answers:

From what you are explaining, it seems you are looking for the extra 12v power that is needed for high speed cpu’s. 3gig for example. DO NOT use the extra 4 from the main power in the CPU 12v 4 pin power slot. Problem is if there isnt a seprate 4 pin power lead then you will have to return it and get one with the seprate 12v power. The power supply you have is to new for the board.

Donna asks…

New PSU to fit my HP a1620y?

I have a new HP coming in this week and I just bought a Connect3D X700 Pro 256mb PCI-E Graphic card. I’ve read many post that say a 300 watt power supply will work. The PSU in this computer is a Bestec ATX-300-12Z CDR. I’m not sure if it can handle the video card or not but I don’t want to risk it. It has dimensions of 5.5″ x 5.9″ x 3.4″. Can anyone recommend a PSU over 420 watt that would fit those dimensions? Thanks for the help.
I just got off the phone with TigerDirect and they said HP has proprietary PSU and I would have buy through them. Is this true?

admin answers:

CoolerMaster Real Power 450W PSU

fits regular ATX dimensions

A little more searching came up with this puppy:

Zumax 450W PSU Dual Fan ATX

Dimensions 5.9″ x 3.4″ x 5.5″ (W x H x D)

Lizzie asks…

Can I put this graphic card on my computer(2 Questions)?

1) Can I put this graphic card on my computer?
Graphic card:

This is my computer

AMD Phenom x4 9650 Quad Core Processor
Windows vista 64 bit home premium
8gb memory, 750gb hard drive
300 watt power supply (Bestec)
1 PCI express X16 card slot
Motherboard: MS-7548 (Aspen)
Manufacturer: MSI
Chipset: AMD 780G

2) Also I don’t know what “ minimum of 18 amps on the 12V+ rail. “
the card says

„System Requirements
300W or greater power supply with a minimum of 18 amps on the 12V+ rail“

admin answers:

1. Yes it will work
2. That about your power supply

You would need to get a 450 Watt or bigger Power Supply, to insure you don’t have problems.
The Bestec power supplies that HP use are crap, If it were me, I’d dump the Bestec in the trash and replace the power supply before I even thought about a video card. When those Bestec’s go bad, they often like to take the motherboard and cpu with them.

Robert asks…

HP Pavilion a250n won’t boot?

I added a wireless card to the computer and vacuumed a little very carefully. When I put it back together, nothing happens when I pus the power button – no fan, no lights – nothing. The computer is completely stock, with the bestec atx-250-12z power supply. There is a green light on the back of the power supply that is blinking. When i disconnect all drive power cables, the light continues to blink, and when I disconnect the 4-pin power cable to the mobo it still blinks. Disconnecting the 20-pin cable to the mobo allows the light to glow continuously. My question is, what is broken? Power Supply or motherboard. I tested the front panel power switch and it is OK.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. According to the HP web site troubleshooting procedure, the power supply is good because the light is green with everything disconnected. I’ve now pulled the memory and all other cards and re-installed, and it is the same. Because the light only blinks when the mobo is connected, I’m pretty sure that is the problem. There are no visible shorts to the case, as justin suggested. Does anyone know if I replace with an aftermarket mobo whether this computer will work with the same windows XP installation? I know the windows XP with some brandname computers won’t work without the manufacturer’s mobo, and I may have to install a new copy of windows. I had to do this when I replaced mobo and processor in my son’s emachines.

admin answers:

First off, I would say the power supply would be the problem, however have you tried disconnecting the new hardware you recently added?

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