Your Questions About Tournament Of Kings

William asks…

Help me build a tournament worthy hero deck?

I want to build a hero deck (preferably elemental heroes) that can stand it’s ground in a tournament. Let me know what cards are best to include.

admin answers:

Take a look at my old deck, ive change it since then but still use it as a starting point, add paradox fusion a thunder king, a morphing jar, if you really cant come up w something let me know and ill give you a recipe, i just dont want to reveal my deck to the world xD.

George asks…

Of all the wrestlers in the King of the Ring tourney,who would benefit the most from the win?

There’s a lot of good talent in there,but who do you think would benefit from it the most if they won the tournament?

admin answers:


shameus has been world champion, drews pushed has been dead but has had success, cody has a good gimmick, morrison has gotten pushed alot lately, daniel bryan has done very well, and del rio doesnt need the push he allready is

and kofi had his push he blew it

Steven asks…

What do you all think about William Regal becoming King Of The Ring?

I don’t think it was really fair. I mean, he’s the General Manager of Raw and only full time competitors were supposed to enter the tournament. Besides, he had virtually no competition against Hornswoggle and took a cheap shot on Finlay before the semi-finals. Isn’t being the General Manager good enough for him?

admin answers:

I don’t think its fair

Joseph asks…

What is the tournament scene in King Arthur?

so i need to find out about the ‚tournament scene‘ in king arthur. but i’m confused as to what this scene really is. i think it has to do with T.H.White’s story called ‚the once and future king‘. any help????

admin answers:

If indeed this “tournament scene” is from T.H.White’s book, it would be chapter XXXIX in the “The Ill-made Knight”. At least this is the only tournament which White spends much time on.

In medieval Arthurian tales in general, there are many tournaments.

If you want to look at White’s source for this tournament, see and the following chapters.

James asks…

What is the average pay for actors at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament restaurants?

Specifically looking for info regading the compensation for the role of „The King.“

admin answers:

For this type of acting, the compensation is typically very low, and is often a salaried position. The pay won’t vary too much between the primary roles.

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